Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Facebook - A Love Hate Relationship

Before I share my card for Heather's challenge, I have some random thoughts on Facebook.  I'm trying to decide whether I like it or hate it.  Love/hate in my title is a bit strong...but I've been pondering whether I want to stay on it.  Reasons why I like it:  1) Chatting with my relatives in England that I don't get to talk to on the phone that often.  2) Seeing pictures of my friends and their families that live far away.  3) Organizing get togethers with local friends.  Reasons I don't like it  1)  People who post statuses ten times a day;  2) People who post negative comments (as I sit and type a love it/hate it post...I realize that statement is contradictory) 3) Recognizing that I spend too much time looking at Facebook and clicking on people's statuses/pictures that I will probably never see or talk to on the phone or via email.   So...I sit here pondering about Facebook.  I've decided to hide the negative posts of those who regularly are negative in their status updates and I'm going to think about who I friend.   I adore is definitely my preference over Facebook...allows me to connect with friends and family...both old and new.  I'll keep thinking about Facebook...

Now...onto my card for Heather's challenge...Challenge #2...I used Heather's design again...and kept it clean and simple with my Practicing Creativity stamps.
Ingredients:  Stamps:  PTI Signature Greetings and Practicing Creativity; Ink:  Versamark and SU Chocolate Chip; SU Baja Breeze Paper and Ribbon; Kaiser Craft Gems

And a second card using a similar color scheme (minus the bright pink!)
Ingredients:  PTI Damask Designs Stamps; SU Chocolate Chip Ink; Kaiser Craft Gems:  My Mind's Eye Stella and Rose Paper

Hope you like them...and thanks for listening to my rambling!


Karen B. said...

Beautiful cards! Its so inspiring to see a non white background. Nice thoughts on Facebook, makes me think a bit more about it too.

Erna said...

Stunning cards!! I love your artwork! I'm spending too much time on FB, thanks for your thoughts :-))

Denise Willerton said...

Beautiful card Lynn ~ I TOTALLY agree with you about Facebook ~ I do have an account, not on there very often (too easy for me to get caught up with it) but I really have been enjoying blogging ~ love sharing that way instead ~ TFS & have a great day Lynn :-)

Anonymous said...

First of all...fabulous cards (as usual!). Please share deets about the second that a background stamp or paper? (really like it).
Funny you should post about FB today. We just got over MAJOR phone/computer problems and were without our computer for a couple of weeks (DH had his at work). It caused me to realize how much time I do spend on it. I am now limiting my time. I do not do FB because I do keep in touch with those I want to keep in touch with already. I'd much rather spend my time blogging because I enjoy it so much (I'm only limiting it more now.)
Have a great day!

Amy said...

Love that first card Lynn! Your bow is fabulous as is that CAS design using Heather's colors. As for FB, I totally agree. I play around with it but it certainly isn't something I do on a regular basis. I haven't sworn off FB yet but I just try to limit my time on there. :)

Maureen said...

I'm mixed about FB too...I find the Status Makers take up my whole newsfeed! But I do like to connect with my stamping friends that way too :) Hmmm...anyways, these cards are simply fabulous :) Love those blues and that fabulous ribbon :) We are getting a blast of winter this morning...more snow! Eek!! I promise not to complain in the middle of summer when it's 30 degrees!! LOL hugs,

Jen W. said...

Love the pattern stamped on the first card and the bow is perfect.

I've gone through phases of being Facebook obsessed but I only pop in now and then these days. I'm very picky about who I friend and mainly use it to stay in touch with friends and family around the world who I might only hear from once a year otherwise. Plus I can see pictures of what everyone is up to and how their kids are growing. Not sure how some folks have time to be checking on it all day long. Once a day if that for me!

Anonymous said...

Love both cards!!!

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Gorgeous cards, I love the sentiment in the first one. I have the same feelings toward FB, in fact I only go on there about once or twice a month now. I think it is better in small "doses" for me.

MicheyMoo said...

Lovely cards Lyn. I love the first one - so simple and gorgeous and the Stella and Rose paper is fabulous. xx

Michele Gross said...

Your card is gorgeous!! I loved the colors from this challenge and you really did a nice job with them!!
I have my moments of love/hate on fb. I love to see what's going on in the industry, who got happy mail, who made a team, new product releases, etc. I don't like the negative posting and mean girl mentality that does exist but since there are only a few offenders, I hide their posts so I don't have to have them impact my happy time. As I'm typing this, I'm thinking, its just as easy to unfriend them and just delete the drama entirely! Can't let a few bad apples spoil a cute basket ;D

Emily Leiphart said...

I love these elegant cards!

I, too, have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I have so many friends around the world that it's the easiest way to keep in touch, especially with photos. I prefer to keep Facebook for personal use as opposed to industry use so I'm very picky about who I friend. If someone starts to irritate me too much, I will hide, unfriend or even block them. I also try not to go on there too often because it can be addictive, in a very bad way. :)

Heather P. said...

I totally agree... I definitely have a love/hate relationship w/Facebook, too! I rarely post anything there anymore, but it is a nice way to keep in touch w/people you might not otherwise get to connect with. :)

Both cards are gorgeous, Lynn! Love the way you stamped the row of circles on the first card and used that as your anchor for the sentiment!

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