Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Favorite Ten Minutes (and a couple cards)

On Sunday, I was walking Collin over to a friend's house in the back of our neighborhood.  I normally would have driven him (yes...very lazy...but I had locked my keys in my car and Pat wasn't home with his keys to unlock it.)  Thankfully, I didn't need to go anywhere important. When we were walking over, I put my hand out for Collin to hold my hand as we walked.  We don't hold hands much anymore.  He's seven (sure to tell you that he's seven and a half..) and nine times out of ten, he is running after his older brother or friends and not interested in holding mommy's hand.  It was the best ten minutes of my weekend...wishing I could freeze time for a bit...and keep holding my sweet little Collin's hand.

Onto a couple cards...this week's One Layer Wednesday Challenge was to make a card using music.  I've had these Jenni Bowlin' Rub Ons for a really long time...so I decided to cut them up into three pieces.  I was thrilled with how easy they went on...and then I added my stamp...woops...little crooked! 

Ingredients:  Paper Company Water Color Paper; Jenni Bowlin' Rub Ons; PTI Daily Design Sentiments; SU Cherry Cobbler Ink

I then decided to make another Just A Note card.  My mum's friend who is purchasing a set of cards from me is Irish...and loves shamrocks.  I'll put this note in her set of cards to thank her!
Ingredients:  Kitchen Sink Company Shamrock Stamps; SU Old Olive and Basic Black Ink; SU Whisper White Paper; PTI Daily Design Sentiments


Jen W. said...

We have cameras to capture the visual aspect but I wish there was a way to bottle the feeling of those special moments. :)

I like those rub ons. I've never really used any because I'm always afraid I'll not rub enough and only get half the image on the card or something. Must confront that fear! :)

Karen B. said...

Super fun cards Lynn, and I'm happy for you that you got to hold his hand and treasure that. What a wonderful ten minutes. (Now, can you tell your son to tell my son (he's seven too) that it really IS ok to hold mom's hand when no one is watching???)

Jaclyn Miller said...

Awww, isn't that so sweet! Maybe you can use what we use - we have secret hand squeeze signals. One squeeze = I like you but 2 squeezes = I love you! ;) Maybe he'll go for that. I love that shamrock card, super fun stamps.

Barb said...

I love coming here each day, Lynn. Those "holding hands moments" are the best. There were many times when I wanted to freeze the moment with my kids too. I used to tell them all the time to please stop growing! :) I did a scrapbook page once, with a lovely saying for the journaling. . .thought maybe you could use it too. It goes like this: "If I could, I would freeze this very moment and bottle it up, so I can enjoy it again and again." Love your one layer cards! So glad I'm not the only one who stamps a crooked sentiment! Hugs to you!

Amy said...

My "little guy" still will hold my hand and I LOVE it! (he's 9) I know these times will end soon where he won't want to hold my hand anymore but I cherish each of these times until that day comes! I love these CAS cards but I like the distressed look of those shamrocks!

Aimes said...

Lovely CAS cards, Lynn! You've got me thinking that I should root through the big stash of rub-ons that I've hoarded for years and play with 'em!

Ida said...

Sweet moments in time are the best.
Darling cards too.

Emily Leiphart said...

Lynn, these are wonderful, especially the music note rub-on! I also loved reading about your treasured moment of holding Collin's hand. Awww.

Jennifer Styles said...

Totally fun card for this challenge!

Great job and thanks for playing along with OLW42!