Sunday, January 27, 2013

Craft Fair Q&A

Good morning, I'm popping in with a bright, cheery card for this week's CASE this Sketch.  Don't you love the bright, cheery colors?

Now I have some questions for those of you who have participated in craft fairs in the past.  My dear friend, Katie, and I are going to share a booth at one in November (yes plenty of time to plan!).  I'm looking for some thoughts:
  • What surprised you that sold the most?
  • What did you think would sell that didn't?
  • Any creative ideas on displaying information?
  • If you sold single cards, did you put them in clear envelopes so that they weren't damaged? 
  • Any pricing tips?

Any and all ideas are welcome.  I'm thinking that I will most likely sell sets of 8 cards either thank you or holiday cards.  I'd also like to have some teacher gift ideas.   Time to get the creative juices flowing!



Hannelie said...

I LOVE your interpretation of the sketch, Lynn, it's so much fun. Yes I love the cheery colors!
Wishing you a week that's just as happy as this card!

Arlene said...

Brilliant card this very much. :)

Karen B. said...

I'm intimidated by craft shows, I am not sure I'll ever do one! Sorry, no tips from me. Your card is gorgeous, the combination of stamps is spot on.

krcmasterpiece said...

I've done a couple of Christmas craft shows.
I didn't do well with cards the first time. Last yr I laid them out so you could see the fronts.
Most of my Christmas ones sold.

Teacher: Altered composition books and clipboards have sold really well for me.

I also alter boxes-sold all of those too.

Stand up photo holders-made to hold 6x4 pics. Accordian style. Sold out.

I thought mini albums would do well-I don't think people know what they are.

Hope this helps.

Kristie Goulet said...

I love your bright, cheery, fun card Lynn!!!

I have never been involved in a craft fair but I wish you the best of luck with everything! :)

Caryn said...

Wow - din't think I'd ever need my sunglasses in January, lol! Love the zingy colours Lynn - and the layout of the card is fab too!
I've done a few craft fairs - sets of cards as you say are big sellers and also little packages (I make little boxes with treats in or home made things), also - definitely have your sigle cards protected - folk love to rummage!
Look on Pinterest too - there's loads of ideas on there. You've inspired me to make an early start on my Christmas fair goodies now!!

Caryn said...

Wow - din't think I'd ever need my sunglasses in January, lol! Love the zingy colours Lynn - and the layout of the card is fab too!
I've done a few craft fairs - sets of cards as you say are big sellers and also little packages (I make little boxes with treats in or home made things), also - definitely have your sigle cards protected - folk love to rummage!
Look on Pinterest too - there's loads of ideas on there. You've inspired me to make an early start on my Christmas fair goodies now!!

sandie said...

great interpretation of the sketch Lynn and really cheery colours.
I haven't done craft fairs but as a consumer I would go for single cards and would want them protected x

Barb said...

Wow, Lynn, good for you doing a craft fair! I'm sorry I can't answer any of your questions because I would have no idea, but I wish you the best of luck - how fun!

Love your bright, happy card! Makes me long for summer!

Vicki Dutcher said...

3 responses:

LOVE the bright colors

I have only tried to sell cards -- $2.50 each. I did okay. I can't WAIT to read the responses, so far the small boxes are interesting...

I hope you SHARE what you make. I would love to see, and of course, how you do at the fair! Have fun creating the next few months.. :)

Maureen said...

wow! Such bright and cheery colours! Oh, and I spy some new PTI! I can't wait for my's been awhile! lol I sure love the bold look of those BIG Favourites...I hope they keep that series going :) Okay, here's a link to Meredith's post about her Craft Sale last November. She has some great photos and ideas. However, it sounds like each time and place can be tricky. But I say GO FOR IT! What kind of sale is it? Community, school, church?

Marisa said...

Have done a few and it does depend on the area. Definitely have the individual ones covered. Packs of mixed ones are good (b-day, thanks, thinking of you etc.) Pricing can be dicey depending on where you are selling. Found people want a deal at craft fairs so $2 to 2.50 per card is max; or have a sliding scale of pricing (buy more save more type of thing).

I did the packages with treats and if you are close to Christmas could be a good seller but careful as the costs for those add up depending on what you put in them.

Can't wait hear how it goes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn! I did a lot of craft fairs in 2010-2011 so I have a small bit of experience. I honestly don't feel there is a rhyme or reason for things that sell. What may be a big seller at one show doesn't sell anything at one a week later. It can be frustrating because it's hard to plan! :) That being said, on average, the things that sold best for me were cards, stamped tile coasters, gift card holders and post-it note holders. Pencil cases never sold and that was something that surprised me.

The best advice I can give you is make sure you create LOTS of height (and different levels of it) on your table/booth. Keep the items laying flat on your table at a minimum! I've used bookshelves on top of my table, stacked suitcases or books, crates and baskets to help create height.

I have a card spinner for my cards and placed each card (with an envelope) inside a clear sleeve. I also included a small punched out circle with the price and any inside sentiment on it and slipped it behind the card in the clear sleeve, so people wouldn't take the cards out of the bag to see if anything was stamped inside.

A cute and readable sign is great too! Here is a link to pics of my first two craft shows ever. See how flat my table is (for the most part). This is what you don't want to have. :)

Feel free to email me with any questions! :) Good luck!!

Romaine said...

Lynn, I love the colours and stamps on this card! I have no paper craft experience at craft shows- only sell my candles. I have read blogs that support what Ryan said- there does not seem to be rhyme or reason; that what sells super well at one show, does not at the next. (That is helpful, right? Lol) Good luck! Smart to plan ahead like this!

Lisa Petrella said...

Super cute and so bright and cheerful!!!! I haven't tried to sell my cards at craft fairs, so unfortunately I don't have any tips. Sorry. I hope that you'll share what you're making though!!! I'm always so inspired by your creations!!!

Tracey McNeely said...

Excellent Lynn, I just love the neon. It looks fabulous. I haven't done a craft fair in a long time so I can't answer to many of your questions, but at the time the clear envelopes were not really around and so many of my cards were damaged. When it comes to pricing I found people wanted the cards one price, not all different prices but I do remember that bundling sold best one for this price or three for that is price. Good luck!

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

I see you went shopping too :) Great minds think alike. Craft fairs.. these are all good tips. I agree that putting the cards in plastic sleeves can be helpful. I don't think people realize how labor intensive some of the cards are, so maybe you should think about one layer cards to sell, so you wont feel bad if you only sell them for $2. I also think sets are helpful. I've got a number of suggestions for the "Year of Celebrations" set- so a handful of birthdays, thank yous, anniversary, congrats, etc... a one stop shop.

Jinny Newlin said...

So bright and cherry and FUN! LOVE those chevron Polaroids!

lostinpaper said...

Absolutely fantastic!! This is so totally pinned!
Thanks so much for sharing at CAS(E) this Sketch this week!

Sue Lelli said...

Love the bold bright colors, Lynn, plus that big sentiment! Fab card!

Anonymous said...

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Jen W. said...

Those polaroid stamps rock especially in neon!!! You rocked this sketch! Thanks for playing along with CAS(E) This Sketch this week!

As for craft fairs - totally agree with Ryann - height is good. And I am always shocked at what sells. Can never predict what would work. Have fun with it!

Jackie Rockwell said...

First, I have to say that I LOVE your card. Yes, I agree, it's wonderfully bright and cheery.

When I did a craft fair I was surprised about which items sold the best. Hand stamped tile coaster sets, post it note holders with matching pens, bagged candy treats that had a cute poem attached and bookmarks all were a hit! Mini albums, mini calendars and Christmas ornaments did not do so well.

I printed up description and pricing signs that fit into 4"x6", 5"x7" & 8"x10" acrylic frames that stood up on their own on the table next to the item. Be careful to not price too high. I printed up a couple of different prices ahead of time and then if something wasn't selling I lowered the price. Hope that helps. :)

~amy~ said...

You know how I love color...such a fun card Lynn!

Although it's been awhile since I did my last craft sale, I can definitely say that you're lucky that you're teaming up with someone, it makes it more fun.

Pricing: I think the location will help you set prices. I did a craft sale at a church and I think the shoppers thought all my cards should be $0.50....I did another craft sale at a corporation and they will willing to pay $ for the handmade items...coaster tiles, altered journals...

cards: definitely need to protect your cards with the plastic sleeves. I have the 2 different sizes of this particular PB spinner rack:

You gals have plenty of time to prep so that is fabulous! I recently went to my first Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle and was totally amazed at how they displayed their products....they were able to pack stuff on their tables but it was done in a way that you could see everything.

Good luck!!!!

Ardyth said...

Love the fun pops of colours! As for craft fairs, I haven't done anything that formal, so I can't provide much help, but my opinion is definitely invest in the clear envelopes - you don't want to have to throw out damaged cards. I sell all my cards for $2, and like the comment above, some people think that's outrageous and some people insist on paying more. Good luck with it! And thanks so much for playing along with this week's CAS(E) This Sketch, Lynn!

Unknown said...

I have done sales, I did put the single cards in clear envelopes, and when they paid, I removed it from the clear envelope and put it in a paper one. I priced my single cards with colored dots and a key with prices; i.e. red dot: 1.50, blue dot: 2.00. When they all got mixed up, I was glad that I had done that. I was surprised that i sold a ton of cards (mostly single ones) but none of the 3D items I brought like mini albums and altered paint cans. Hope that helps! :)