Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's the Weekend!

My last few posts were pre-scheduled as I was supposed to be out of town for work for the majority of the week.  However, the flu got the best of us...we were six for six.  Hopefully that won't happen anytime again soon.

Here are some funnies from the have to look at the bright side! (And is this type of talk grosses you out...just skip down to the card...)
- "Mommy, he frowed up and he puke-did"  Isn't that lovely...Marcel's quote when Collin started getting sick...I don't like the word puke at all.  Trying to teach Marcel to stick with "frowed up".
- Collin's coaching to Marcel..."Marcel, if your belly starts to growl, run to the potty.  QUICK!"
- "Why does he have to be so loud...can't he just go to the bathroom and quietly get sick?"  Ryan's commentary on Jonathon...Ryan understood within hours.
- "Mommy, on this day, you stay home again since you're belly hurts?"  My sweet Marcel...everything right now is "this day".  "This day" could be today, yesterday, tomorrow, next week...
And on a much brighter note, we've been getting a touch of spring here in Cincinnati.  It has been so nice for everyone to get some fresh air.  The bikes are down from the storage is good.  The boys crash at the end of the day...makes night time so much easier...rather than grumpy mommy coming out when two little boys come out of their room about twenty times a night :)! 

Of course...after all that disgusting chat...I want to leave you with a card.  I rarely use rub ons...but I love how this card turned out.  Layered some fancy pants rub ons on top of my PTI flourish.  Love the layered look!  Hope you do too!


Kristie said...

Oh goodness, how awful to all have flu at the same time! Marcel is so funny :)

Your card is so pretty! I love the look of the rubons on top of the flourish. I"ll have to go through my stash and see what I have!

Aimes said...

LOL! Oh what a week you've had! Glad to hear that the icky flu has passed and that there's no more 'frowing up' to be done by anyone :D
No fair - I woke up to more snow this morning! When will spring be here?
LOVE your card with rub ons - I've got a stash of these somewhere and never use them! Thanks for the inspiration!

Karen B. said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun at your house.... :(
Your card is stunning, a great balance.

Barb said...

Brilliant card, Lynn! The layering looks so beautiful! And I'm very glad you are now all feeling better! Nothing worse than the stomach flu!

Kim H. said...

I am glad you are all feeling better! We are just playing "chase" with it at our house... just waiting for it to pop its ugly head from school! The weather has been amazing here the last few days...shorts even on some days! And the card - I just LOVE it.. EVery time I see you use the PTI flourish - it makes me want to go and buy it!!

Dana said...

Glad to hear everyone is better! Pretty card! I love that flourish on the patterned paper and the bow!

Diane Jaquay said...

Yes I do love the layered look of the stamp and rub-ons, gorgeous card, Lynn!