Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Dance Party

It's Friday...are you ready for a little dance party?  Come on over to our house...and who might catch us dancing!  Here are a few shots of the boys showing off their moves a couple weeks ago.
 Jonathon...showing of some rapper moves...
 Collin...also known as John Travolta...recognize the "Stayin' Alive" move?
And here's a have to check out Marcel's hip moves!

And Collin's disco moves on this one.
P.S. Ignore all the boxes in the background...Little League Baseball uniforms took over our house for a few weeks!


Barb said...

Love this fun post, Lynn! I'm sitting here by myself watching and laughing out loud. . .oh, the joys of boys! Thanks for brightening my morning! :)

Ayana Posadas said...

Haha... too cute! :)

Amy said...

Very fun post! Cute video too! Looks like all is feeling better in your house!

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, I love watching my son dance and it looks like your boys are really into it, too! Thanks for sharing this fun post.