Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dreaming For My Boys... you dream for your children and ever wonder what your children will be when they are adults?  I look at their personalities and even at such young ages I can see very clear differences.  Their distinct and fun personalities make me dream for them.

Ryan loves being part of a team.  He is the boy in the neighborhood calling around to organize whatever sport is in season.  And when he's on the field for his football or baseball team, he is the boy cheering for his teammates.  As part of the team, he is the positive and confident teammate.  Yet...when he is out and about and sees someone he knows he says hi but is a little shy unless he has something specific to say. 

Jonathon loves his friends, but has always needed time to himself.  He quite often disappears into his room for "Jon time".  Playing soduko or his GameBoy.  Not for too long, but just enough to have a little quiet.  When he is out and about and sees some he knows he definitely has to go say, "Hi, how are you?"  And then he's ready to go on.  He's my loving, sensitive boy always thinking about others.

Collin loves to be outside.  If he ends up working in an office everyday, I'll be shocked.  He loves creating, loves playing hard...and although he is very mischievous, he can be extremely shy.  If he is out and about and sees someone he knows, he quite often hangs onto my leg.  Much shyer than his two older brothers ever have been. 

And then there is Marcel.  He loves to play outside and loves to play by himself with his "Lego guys."  And when he is out and about, he doesn't have a shy bone in his body!  He'll talk to everyone about everything and loves to be the center of it all.

I'm sure their personalities will continue to change as they all grow older, but I think even today, their personalities say a lot about who they'll be when they are older.  I think about what type of job they might like, hope that they don't move to far away...and many other things.  But above all, my dreams for them are to be happy.  I dream of them each having wives that love them as much as Pat and I love each other.  I dream of them having someone to share their happiness with, to share the tough times and to laugh a lot along the way.  I dream of them being men of faith not afraid to show their love for their family and friends and always striving to be better.  I dream of them to having jobs they love and working hard, but not working so hard that they don't have time to play.  I dream of them having families, growing old knowing they have done a great job raising their families.  I dream a lot for them...

And after dreaming :), here is a quick card to today.  I have to say I love the Ranger Antique Linen distress ink...very subtle...and perfect for distressing the edges and a simple background.  This card is for this week's Clean & Simple challenge.


  1. Pretty flower. I like how you added the script background. Nice color combo too.

  2. By reading this post I feel your passion for your boys, so wonderful! Great card too, so pink and fresh and girly! :)

  3. I love this card and am going to have to CASE it with a similar stamp I have.
    I enjoyed reading about your important! If I knew you personally I know you'd be a great friend!

  4. Very pretty! I need to do simple more often...

  5. Lynn, I not only love your cards but I love what you write about your family. Thanks for sharing your dreams!! Your card is beautiful and I love the simple layout.

  6. Did you stamp the text or is it paper? LOVE the distressing! LOVE the pink flower! FAB card!