Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Official!

Saturday was an absolutely amazing day!  It's official my mum and Hank are married!  I have lots of pictures to share of their wonderful day.  Many thanks to my sister-in-law, Cindy, she did a fabulous job taking pictures.

Mark, Mum, me and two brothers and me waiting with my mum for mass to start!

Neal and Mark walking mum down the aisle!

Time for the exchanging of the rings...Mum had to remind Hank that they had to hold both hands...!

They had a little bit of a hard time getting them on both of their fingers!!

It's official...Mr. & Mrs!

Hank's son, Mark, and me...

Mark & sweet arm and arm!

Mum & Hank with all their grandchildren...can you believe they are all looking forward!!!

Our whole family!

The gorgeous Mr. & Mrs!

The official wedding kiss!

Ryan and with your bouqet!

A beautiful cake to match the programs and invitations!

Time to cut the cake!

And time for Marcel to eat the icing!

Wishing Mum and Hank all the love in the world!  We are so happy for them!


Sue Lelli said...

What a great wedding! They look so happy! How lovely for your Mom!

Anonymous said...

Great shots Lynn! See you soon!
Molly & Mark

Mike Mangan said...

Great pictures, Lynn. Please give your mum our warmest congrats! I can't believe I wasn't asked to give the toast. ;) Cheers, Mike