Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Sweet Little Christmas Angel

Marcel's pre-school had their Christmas concert on Monday night.  I love, love, love going to their concerts.  Someone in the class is always singing extra loud or looking down at the ground or yelling hi to their parents...just makes me smile!

At first all the three year old classes came out to sing, Go Tell It On the Mountain..they had to put their hands around their mouths to make sure we could hear them!

All the threes!  Hands all in different places :)!!!

On his way out to get his costume for the next part of the show!

Here's our sweet little angel...all of the classes came out in the same angel costumes....so sweet!  Marcel actually looked like he was going to fall asleep...he fell asleep right before the concert at home...and he was yawning as he leaned against the wall!

His halo kept falling off and he kept putting it right back on!

At the very end...hey look, there's my mommy taking my picture!