Monday, August 10, 2009

Run, Jump & Play for Collin's Birthday

Collin's turning six on August 23rd! He was my little helper at Archiver's picking out paper, etc. for his birthday invitations. To say that he liked shopping at Archiver's was an understatement. He went from aisle to aisle..."Ooh, mommy look at this puncher! Look at this paper, it's beautiful." He was very clear that we both needed our own baskets for shopping and he needed his own bag at checkout. The Archiver's employees got a kick out of him. He also wanted to make sure that I used both papers with the stars for the invitations. He definitely has opinions about his crafting. A boy after my heart!

After we were done, we had to address the invitations and Collin got to deliver them to his friends in the neighborhood. Our neighbor a couple doors down got a giggle out of Collin. He was waiting patiently for her to comment on how nice the card was...I guess he's used to me showing things to Pat and pretty much asking for praise when I'm especially pleased with something I've created!

A thanks to Kimberly whose blog gave me the idea for this layout.

Ingredients: SU Ink and Paper: Ballet Blue; Ruby Red; Pumpkin Pie; Making Memories: Giggly Paper and Stamps

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