Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scenes of Summer

The weather this summer has been absolutely beautiful. It has been unseasonably cool with many of the days being in the mid 70s. To me, that's perfect. Not too many pool days this summer, but plenty of outside play time for the boys.

The older boys have had many nights of ghost in the graveyard. I used to love playing this when I was little. It is very fun to see the boys playing more "traditional" games. Ryan has been complaining when we yell for him to come in around 10...August 24th is going to come too soon for him and 6:45 wake up calls will not be welcome! Of course, Ryan and the boys next door have been practicing their negotiation skills to see how late they can stay out!

When I came home from running errands the other night, Jonathon, Collin and Marcel were all playing duck, duck, goose with Emma next store. Our neighborhood is boy heavy. At my house and the house on either side there are 11 children: 10 boys and 1 girl, Emma. Even though she is the only girl...she holds her own! Below are a few shots of their duck, duck, goose game. I tried to catch them without them seeing me...but it didn't last too long!

Love, love, love these scenes of summer!

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