Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Part II

The best part of Christmas this year was that our entire family was in town.  The worst part was that Hank wasn't feeling well and my mom and Hank were not around as much as we would have all liked.

Christmas Eve started at our house with Montgomery Inn ribs...Yummy! Normally we are at my mum's house.  It was nice having it at our house, but not quite the same!

Laura, Mum and Madeleine - relaxing...

Marcel and Uncle Neal...the boys are never fair from Uncle Neal's lap!

Present time...the cousins all exchanged gifts and Nana had presents for everyone too!

Christmas morning - Collin and Marcel woke us up at 5:40....early!  Collin exclaimed, "I really was a good boy...Santa came...!"  Must have had a little doubt!  Everyone enjoyed the new keyboard!

I think the keyboard was for Ryan and Jonathon...but may have really been for someone else? :)

Christmas night we headed over to Nana and PopPop's house...Pat's brother, Mike and family were in from Pittsburgh.  The kids were thrilled to see their out of town cousins and Molly and Mark from Chicago too!

Santa, Jakey Joe, our newest nephew!

Collin and Ally - best buddies!

The older cousins, Ryan, Jonathon and Connor. "Yo, yo, yo!"

Will copying Connor with the head band!

The adults then had our gift exchange...gets a little competitive on who is going to get what gift...Snuggies and the Hangover movie were our gifts...we wanted to get the Hangover back!  Pat wasn't too happy with his gift...a book about immaturity that his dad put in the pile!

The younger cousins!

Here's what happens when you get up at 5:40...missed lots of the party at Nana and PopPop's!

We finished up the holiday weekend with Christmas Brunch at our house on Saturday!

Elizabeth, Neal, Madeline and Cindy - stunning family!

The newlyweds...mum and glad Hank could come!

Sean, Pat and Laura...having a good laugh about the fact that Pat and Sean had matching shirts!

Molly, Mark and Erin (sneaking into the photo!)

Sean, Elizabeth and baby James

Olivia in her adorable hat from Nana!

Mom and Dad Mangan!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful families! 

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