Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I think most of you know that I type up my posts on Sunday night.  As I sit her typing up my post (for Wednesday), I'm laughing at what my day was like today. It was a pretty relaxed day as we only left the house to go to Marcel's baseball game (my perfect weekend day!), but the day was spent scheduling for several activities this fall:
  • Organizing show choir carpool for Jonathon - 6:50 am practices here we come.
  • Scheduling Marcel's birthday party (only a couple of weeks away)
  • Scheduling a trip to New York with my mum to visit my niece, Madeleine, in New York!  Yahoo!
  • Planning a fundraiser 
  • Looking into PSAT courses for Ryan
  • Getting ready for the craft fair with my friend Katie
And this is where I get to my card!  This will be one of the cards I sell in the craft fair! got to my card after a very random post.  

What's going on in your world?  I'd love to hear!

Ingredients:  Verve Stamps Christmas in the Air


  1. you are the Queen of planning!!
    The is fab base card, the subtle colour with the stripe is gorgeous and the bright blue snowflakes really do pop. I am sure this will be a seller! Not much happening here but I must start getting organised to go away-less than a week now and nothing done! x

  2. Love this card...gorgeous colors. I don't think I'm planning near the events you are (my kids are grown and on their own) but I spent yesterday planning for our daughter and two little granddaughters to be here this coming weekend, a garage sale in November, my trip to Phoenix in November, two dr. appts., my dog's grooming appt. and worked on finishing my cards for OWH!

  3. I had a terrible morning with the internet company fixing our internet... Internet is like my lifeline living so far away from my family... it's fixed now... yay and I can look at your lovely card!

  4. I should probably be planning some more... I have just been scheduling my littlest girl's activities so that the ballet that runs July - June with a schedule change in January, the gymnastics that runs Sept - August, and the swimming that runs Jan - Dec do not cross over each other as the sessions change for the new year, argh! I have had to move ALL activities to fit them in. My eldest has a whole other set of activities - violin, piano, choir, swimming, but they're usually easier to schedule, LOL! Every year, I get to this point, and start hyperventilating at what has to be done before the end of November (and the start of Summer holidays for the kids). Anyway, I bet you're regret asking what is going on in my world now. ;-) Your card, as always, is beautiful, Lynn. The striped background and the soft blue flowers are beautiful.

  5. Things are crazy here for me too although not the good kind of crazy. :( Your card is divine. I love the mix of colors.

  6. If you read my latest blog you'll see what I've been up to.... and that's all the work related fun, I'm sure you can imagine all the organized chaos behind the scenes right?

    You are such a CAS inspiration....

  7. Lovely CAS design Lynn! And you must be very organized in order to do all those activities!

  8. Beautiful design, Lynn! Love your trio of pretty snowflakes!

  9. Is it wrong that I"m looking forward to Christmas break already? You are so good at multitasking and staying organized! That is the know what I've been up to and I won't list it all here as I should be doing some of it and not spending time in Blogger! LOL LOVE those blue snowflakes :) ox

  10. Your life sounds like mine only doubled as you have four kids not two LOL!

    I agree with your type of perfect day and I need one desperately. September is such a zoo!! Have two kids in HS now but they are on different schedules due to their grades so first one out the door by 7:15 and second not till 8:45 and they are home at 3:00 an 4;30, soccer started up and I'm team manager so lots to do there, Bible study back up and running and I'm the person who does our weekly prayer and praise e-mail, two birthday parties to organize in the next two weeks, a weeding to go to so gift to shop for, driving in-laws to and from the cruise ship to the ferry on Saturday and then a week Saturday, soccer games to attend, doing some work for hubby, DT work to get done, lots of long chats with daughter who is stressed about school, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! I need a clone LOL!

  11. Love this card, Lynn--so serene and soft! My September days are considerably quiet this year. No one needs to move to the dorm any more... Both of my kids are living at home and busy study in the university.I don't need to take them anywhere any more. They drive!They do not need my help with homework (sooooo beyond me!). They take extracurricular activities on their own (of course). Yes, life is simple! I am savoring the free time and the time we do spend together! Enjoy the busy-ness with your family. Fall time likes this does not last forever :)

  12. Just beautiful! Love those soft pinstripes.

  13. Hi Lynn,
    When I saw your card, I emediately began to sing. But as soon as our youngest heard me, he pleased me to stop...

    Anyway, I love your style!!!
    Have a nice evening,
    Judith (and son Noah)

  14. Looks like you did a lot of planning but you seemed particularly excited for NY trip and craft fair LOL :)
    I love all ur cards and this is no exception :)

  15. LOVE that sentiment and how you popped the snowflakes! FAB card, Lynn!

  16. Fabulous CAS Christmas card! I bet you'll sell, sell, sell at the craft fair! :)
    Gosh you sound like a busy bee! I don't envy the early mornings, but the trip to visit your super talented niece in NY sounds fun!
    Things here are busy with work, trying hard to keep up in Blogland but everyone keeps updating their blogs with such wonderful projects! I want to comment on them all! LOL!

  17. Such a pretty, little number! LOVE the subtle pops of color in the snowflakes! And hun, my life is too CRAZY to even begin to bullet point an hour ;). Busy! Busy! Busy!

  18. How pretty!!! I'm certain this will be a big hit your sale! You are busy & quite the planner!! Yahoo for NY!

    I'm busy and can't wait until the move is done Sunday afternoon.