Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today, He's 16.

Today, my beautiful boy, Ryan, turns 16 and I have to admit to being a bit emotional.  Sixteen feels like a big milestone to me and I know before I blink he'll be moving out of the house for college.  There are definitely still days when I think to myself, "How can I be old enough to have a 16 year old?  Let alone qualified!"  Thankfully, God certainly has a way of easing us into parenthood.
{six months old}

When I think of Ryan over the years, I think of this sweet little boy that had a smile that melted our hearts at a very young age, always wanting to be outside. Standing at our back door, "I go outside, I go outside, I GO OUTSIDE!"  He didn't always understand that just because the sun was shining it wasn't freezing!
{on a family trip to Deep Creek, MD...he was actually really mad at this point...can't remember why!}

A little boy who is social, regularly getting his friends together to play a game of wiffle ball in the backyard.

A big brother (that may have found his little brothers quite annoying at times) whose little brothers admire him.
{Shaw Farm Pumpkin Patch 2006}

A boy with a very special relationship with his cousins.

{after a shopping trip with Madeleine and Elizabeth...the first of many! 2009}

{days of the long hair...with Connor and Jonathon getting ready for a 5K}

An older boy who amazed us with his ability to throw runners out from catcher on the baseball field or who pitched tremendous games of baseball.

{summer 2011}

And most recently a teenager with passion for music.  One who has continued to amaze us with his musical and acting abilities.
{Saturday night performing a duet at the show choir fundraiser}

{Spring 2011...the villain in the school play...Doc Holiday}

A young man who has always had a perspective a bit older than his age. A young man who doesn't hesitate to initiate an "I love you Mom" to me or reciprocate an I love you from me.  A young man who understands the value of family...as he said in my mother's day card, "I know we argue sometimes, but we're family and at the end of the day, I will always love you."

I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming.  Here's to many, more years of birthday celebrations for my oldest boy!  I love you Ryan.

And here's his super CAS birthday card inspired by the CASE this Sketch design for this week.


Hannelie said...

Congratulations with Ryan's birthday Lynn!
Seeing a boy like him, and a happy grounded family like yours, give me hope for the future!
(great card you made for him!)

Barb said...

You made me cry! I loved reading this post, Lynn. They really do grow up so fast. It's difficult and wonderful, all at the same time, isn't it? Continue to cherish all those moments and know that you certainly have raised a wonderful young man! Happy Birthday to Ryan!

Laura B. said...

Such a sweet post about your son! You've done good mama. And I love your card, too! I need this set so bad.

Maureen said...

oh, what a fabulous tribute to an amazing young man! You and Pat and your whole extended family can be so proud :) Tell him happy cake and candles from Canada! This card is CAS perfection! You are working wonders with Maile's set :) Love it! ox

Marisa said...

What a wonderful tribute to your son :) Love his comment in you card -- you've done a good job mom :) I know I'll have a big lump in my throat at my son graduates 7th grade in June and moves on to high school in Sept. WHere do the years go??!! LOVE the card too!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! Lynn, your love BOOMS out of this beautiful tribute. Your words have totally distracted me from the gorgeous card! ;-)

Maureen Merritt said...

Aw, how sweet! Happy birthday Ryan. Nothing more special than the bond between mother & son!!

Ardyth Percy-Robb said...

Happy Birthday! Good thing that mothers don't age, right? lol! Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Vicki Dutcher said...

How nice of you to share these growing up photos of your young man! Don't the years go by so fast~ Happy Birthday you'll be 18 before you know it

Jinny Newlin said...

What a great card and a beautiful tribute! Happy birthday, Ryan!

Tracey McNeely said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Lynn what a wonderful tribute to him and a handsome young man he has become. You should be so proud!

Sue Lelli said...

AWWWW! I LOVE this post and the trip down memory lane. You and Pat have done a wonderful job of raising such a fine young man! Perfect card, too!

Kara said...

so sweet!

Judith said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Ryan, what a smart, caring young lad he is... I enjoyed looking at all the photos Lynn :0)
A great guys card too, love how you placed the triangles.
Jenny x

~amy~ said...

Happy birthday to Ryan!!! How proud you must be of him, your post about him made my eyes well up....such a sweet guy!

Perfect CAS card for him!

Noelle said...

Happy belated to Ryan, your post touches my heart :*) They do grow up so fast! It's just unbelievable... and I remember people saying when my two older sons were little "they'll be grown before you know it" and I was knee deep in diapers and sippy cups and didn't see. But even with our littlest man, we know we can't slow time down-even though we'd like to sometimes! And, as a Theater teacher and former actress and director, may I say YEA for the performing arts! Happy birthday to Ryan and Mom! *hugs*

Cristina said...

SUCH a sweet post, Lynn. I just love the warmth of your family. And I look at those pictures and try to imagine my own little guy growing up. Seems amazing that it will actually happen and one day he'll be big and I won't be following him up the stairs to make sure he doesn't fall. :) Oh, and what a fab card to boot! xoxo

Jen W. said...

Awww! Happy belated birthday to Ryan. What a sweet and touching pst, Lynn. I loved the pictures and I remember the one from his shopping trip with his cousins. :)
And your card is awesome - so crisp and clean!