Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Thought I'd pop in to share a few of my favorite Christmas Eve memories from this year...before I forget them.  I'm going to do three posts:  Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day...lots of photos and memories to share!

Here are my favorites from Christmas Eve:
- Marcel falling asleep on my lap at mass.  My sweet little baby.  I realize this may be one of the last times this happens.  I miss having little boys that want to sit on my lap all the time. (the photo is pre-Christmas Eve...but was a frequent picture of him wearing Pat's santa hat and Star Wars jammies.)
Watching Olivia sing in the children's choir.  There is nothing like a great mass to put you in a good mood and it is sweetened even more with children singing.  (this picture is after we opened our Christmas Crackers...)
Ryan being thoroughly embarassed by his uncles asking him about his girlfriend.
Great conversation before dinner (the ladies in purple...Cindy and Mum)
Madeleine letting us know what she was accepted into the University of Cincinnati's Design Architecture, Art and Planning College for next year.  It is highly competitive (only 70 students accepted each year) and we are beyond proud of her that all her hard work has paid off!
Christmas Cracker time!  Elizabeth and Jonathon...
Being together with Mum and Hank this year.  Hank had just been released from the hospital last year with meningitis so it was especially nice to have him with us this year.
A good old fashioned hearty laugh after Neal stunk up the room...
Present time!  Elizabeth showing off her new belt, muscles and tiny waist!
Mother and daughter
Some more brotherly love (pre-Christmas Eve...but too cute note to share!)
And last but not least Nana love...Marcel giving Nana a kiss!
PS No Christmas Eve pictures of my sister-in-law, Laura...I think we were both behind the camera the whole night :(


Jay Gee said...

Looks like everyone was having fun Lynn. Gorgeous photos.

Jen W. said...

Great photos, Lynn! What a beautiful, happy family - looks like a perfect Christmas Eve. :)

Barb said...

What a fun post, Lynn! My favorite kind! Love hearing what makes the holiday special for you! I know exactly how you feel about the little ones growing up. I often wish I could go back and hold them in my lap again, one more time. That's why I've always made them promise to hug me, no matter how old and big they get! Thanks for sharing!

Maureen said...

aw, those boys are just too cute :) Looks like you have a big family as well...I just love it :) Let me know what you get at the Verve sale!! EEk!!! lol :)

Kathy Martin said...

So happy to hear you had a great Christmas, Lynn!

Dana said...

Ryan is beyond adorable! lol
Glad you had a wonderful Christmas full of family!