Friday, December 31, 2010

Boxing Day

Hi there!  Happy New Year's Eve.  Stopping in to share pictures from our Boxing Day Brunch.  Plenty of play time for the cousins...and lots of good food to eat with no one rushing out the door for the next Christmas get together!

First mum, Elizabeth and I handled some last minute food preparation. I really love this picture.
Mark...getting his plate...being sure to fill up on everyone's favorite sticky buns.
Elizabeth, Madeleine and Collin enjoying their meals...Collin loves ham...his plate was full of ham and scrambled eggs...nothing else necessary.
And there was plenty of time for Nerf gun fights...I love Will's face...very serious.
 Maybe Will's face is a result of Jonathon trying to attack him?!
 Or Ryan shooting him?  Good news is...Will can definitely hold his own!
 And the big boys do help him out.
We had sword fights you sense a theme in a house full of boys?
Jonathon snuck in some cuddle time with Aunt Laura and Olivia.
And Shelby snuck in some cuddle time with her big sister, Ella.
And I love this picture of my brother, Neal and sister-in-law, Cindy.  I'm sure they sneak in some cuddle time of their own! :)
and...a last shot of the brunch of all the cousins before they started falling off the couch...!

Later that night, Mark and Molly and Nana and PopPop came back for game night! Big thanks to Molly for the idea...we did this last year for the first time and we all loved it last year and this year.  Lots of card games.  For years Pat's family played cards with his great Aunts who were nuns at the holidays.  Those are some of our absolute best memories.
One game that was perfect for all the ages was Jenga.  We have tons of Jenga blocks.  Nana and PopPop had some very intense faces!
I love Collin's face in this one as he watches Ryan's turn! 
Everyone got a couple of turns...check out all the missing blocks in the middle. 
And...then it all came crashing down! 

P.S.  There are no pictures on Marcel on game night...he was so tired from the weekend that he announced at 6:45 that he was going to bed and that "Mommy when you're done playing this game, you can make my Lego ship so it's all ready when I wake up."  Someone I heard in my head from him, "Got it mommy?  Do you know who's in charge around here?"  Love that little man...


Jay Gee said...

Precious memories for you Lynn.

Barb said...

Another fun post, Lynn! Looks like everyone had a fab time! That "theme" was a familiar one in my house too! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Amy said...

Wow what fun memories you made! Thanks for sharing such beautiful family pics with us here!
Happy New Year!

Maureen said...

so was the ship ready for him in the morning? that is too cute :) Ah, a house (or classroom) full of boys...they sure do play differently from girls, don't they? Love them all :) So do some States recognize Boxing Day? It's usually our biggest shopping day here and a holiday for Banks and Post Office. Love the idea of brunch :) Happy New Year to you and your family :) hugs!!

Aimes said...

Phew! What an exciting few days you've had! Are your fingers numb from the Lego building? I spent a good 4 hours on Christmas day building numerous Lego models LOL!
Oooh and I got your fabulous card the other day through the post - thank you so much!
Happy New Year!

Kathy Martin said...

HNY Lynn! Great to see you are enjoying the holidays!

Janelle said...

What a great bunch of family photos! Really looks like you all enjoy your time together -- lots of fun! A very Happy New Year to you, Lynn!

Be(e) said...

Hi, Lynn!! Happy New Year!!!
I so enjoyed your posts with family pictures and stories throughout the week!!! Gotta love those family moments! :)
Have a great year, with much more of those good times!

Sue Lelli said...

So did you make the Lego ship??!! LOL!

Happy New Year my SWEET Blog Friend!

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