Saturday, November 6, 2010


My 40th birthday celebrations started yesterday at work.   I came in to lots of pictures on the walls letting all four floors that we have in our building know that it was my birthday...and my office was completely decorated.  Filled with balloons on the inside and outside.
 My manager team and my boss took me out for a yummy lunch.
 And of course some cake...the picture on here is one of a few around the office.  I don't ride Harleys :), but earlier this year I did wear a long haired wig and dress up like a Harley this picture (that is photoshopped nicely to only have my face and wig...and a really thin body...was the inspiration for my cake...40 and fab-u-lous!
I kind of knew that they may not let me get away easy for my birthday....and when we came back from lunch there was a whole crew of folks ready to watch my birthday rap.  Made me smile from ear to ear!  A great way to start my birthday weekend!  100% spoiled.

Here are the lyrics to the rap!

Happy Birthday Lynn

Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go shawty
It's your birthday
You’re turnin forty cause it's yo birthday
We gonna sip on water cause it's a work day
and now- you can’t tell no one
that you’re still thir-tay

[Chorus] (2x)
You can find her on the prowl, no longer meows
better listen for the growl ‘cause she’s a cougar now
kids up in the back and she'll turn this car around
She climbed over the hill now she’s heading back down
When she pull out up front, elevator fourth floor
The client service VP turnin’ heads at the Cor
yo I heard it’s your birthday so I can wish you many more
or wonder how many left, when you're turning- 2 score?

But Lynn ain't nothing changed, sag down, Age up
tradin in your younger days for scrapbooks to stamp up
the personal computers only 2 years older than you
Now you’re online bloggin’ bout the cards that you do

On the dance floor they sayin’ “Lynnie you hot.”
Unlike the other Execs man, she’ll dance on the spot.
But holla in the halls and her team will tell you she’s so bold.
And the plan to put the service game into a choke hold.
Always focused man, retention on her mind.
Got that big corner office but she’s still on the grind.
Now Lynnie said she’s feeling my style, she’s feeling my flow
With a bunch of women workers and a guy just for show.

[Chorus] (2x)
You can find her on the prowl, no longer meows
better listen for the growl ‘cause she’s a cougar now
kids up in the back and she'll turn this car around
She climbed over the hill now she’s heading back down


Jaclyn Miller said...

That's awesome! They must really love you. ;)

Emily Leiphart said...

Happy Birthday, Lynn!! Your coworkers sound like an awesome bunch of people!

Maureen said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! Lynn, this is soooooo fabulous, it had me in tears!! LOL What creative, creative people you work for!! What a precious memory....AND I didn't realize it was your birthday yesterday!! LOL The little something I'm sending was just a little something, but I guess it can celebrate your birthday!! Just think of 40 as 30 with 10 years experience :) or it's like you're 2 20 year olds :) Hope you were spoiled all day and even into the weekend :) hugs!!

Jen said...

Brilliant rap! :) Feliz anniversaire!

Diane Jaquay said...

How FUN! Looks like you were properly pampered and celebrated on your birthday ;)

Kathy Martin said...

Happy Birthday Lynn! What a great how they changed they lyrics for you! Hope you enjoy your weekend! :)

Alicia Weiman said...

Happy Birthday Lynn! Sounds like you have an awesome group to work with! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Your birthday card is still coming in the mail (I promise)! I have been doing more cleaning/organizing this weekend than playing with my stamps! Congrats on getting your card published, can't wait to see it!

Dana said...

That rap was wicked! How awesome! Wish spouses put that kind of effort into birthdays, hey? ;)

Laurie said...

Happy Happy Birthday! the party looks so fun! That cake is awesome!

Ayana Posadas said...

Wow! That was such awesome rap that they did for you! SO fun to watch! You have some really sweet and talented friends. Hope you had an amazing birthday!!! :)

Kristin Bueter said...

OMG, Lynn! They rapped like pros for you! Appears that you have built a fantastic team who respects and admires you greatly! Nobody else would have went through that much pat yourself on the back for being a good leader ♥

Okay is your birthday the 5th, 6th, 7th??? Mine is the 2nd. Happy {belated} Birthday, fellow Scorpio!!

Virginia L. said...

Aw.. I had such fun celebrating along with you! The photos of your co-workers and video...and you on the Harley--mmm mm good!! Yup, you are are a cougar, watch out! Happy happy 40th, Lynn! Wishing you a wonderful year full of love and laughter!