Thursday, October 7, 2010

Their Smiles

I love when my boys smile...and quite often wish I could stop and video tape them when they are particularly happy about something.

My Collin has to work hard at school.  He's only in first grade, but in kindergarten he barely spoke at school.  He's a perfectionist and won't show what he knows until he has is very confident that he will be right.  I really don't think he ever raised his hand last year.  His teacher told me that when we came into volunteer he spoke more on those days than he had in a month.  So...when he smiles at me this year and his eyes are dancing because he is really learning to read and he is understanding math, my heart sings.  You should see his eyes light up with confidence as he tells me, "And mommy, I'm raising my hand too!"  We'll keep practicing...he's doing great!

And Ryan...when we surprised him with tickets to the Cincinnati Reds' playoff game this Sunday.  The little smile on his face not sure if we really got him a ticket or not...nervous but wanting to break out in full out smile.  He LOVES baseball and I means loves that smile although for a very material thing was worth the cost of those tickets.  It will be a great time for us too.  Win or lose...COME ON REDS!!

Jonathon...his raw emotion when he broke his boards.  Almost in tears as he tried to hold it together when he was testing for the second time for his brown belt.  And then the smile when he succeeded.  What a big life moment for him.  To fail...and then succeed.  Here are some pictures of the actual board breaking.

And of course, my little man...Marcel...who is pure joy.  Smiling all the time at the little wonders of life.  Check out his birthday pictures....they say it all.

Oh their sweet smiles...make my heart smile.

And here are a couple of cards...just for fun.  No particular challenge.  Happy Thursday...the weekend is almost here!


Karen B. said...

Congratulations to your son! Your Just Because cards are great too, as usual.

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Lynn, you do such a wonderful job of capturing the little things in life that make children so much fun!

Beebeebabs said...

Very cute cards thanks for sharing!!!

Aimes said...

Awwww life with the boys sounds like fun! I'm still so happy that Jonathan passed his grading!
Gorgeous cards too - are you developing a fabulous CAS style?! I love it!

Emily Leiphart said...

What a wonderful post, Lynn! I love the way you write about your boys at their different stages in life. You should be so proud! Your two cards make ME smile. :)

Ida said...

So glad that your boys smiles bring a smile to your heart. That's what really matters in life. Great cards!

Melissa said...

Man--you got some good shots for being action photos!! Cool! The cards are awesome too--love the stitching on the first one and the flowers on the second so cute!