Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Clues that he is interested in girls:
- Asks to go shopping with his cousins for clothes
- Showers daily
- Shaves the peach fuzz when I remind he needs to
- Does his own laundry
- Wants more cleanser for the acne that he is starting to get

And then the real clues:
- The picture of the girl on the cell phone.
- The question about the girl on the cell phone…."Mom, Zach put her picture on there.”
- The beep that he has a text message going off constantly.
- Two days later, “The picture is still on there?”
- “Because we’re going out.”

And then the mom that is trying to act cool, but isn’t feeling real cool inside:
- “How long have you been going out?” “About two weeks….”
- “You didn't tell me that the first time I asked?” “Because I didn’t want 101 questions.” (with a huge smile on his face)
- “Can I see your phone.”
- “Oh…she’s a cheerleader.” “Yep.”
- “How’d you ask her out?” “I didn’t…she asked me.”
- “Remember…cell phone stays on the kitchen counter when you go to bed.”

And then the mom reading the text messages, but not commenting.
- Lots of hi, what are you doing? Eating dinner…what did you have….chicken and fries….do you have a facebook account? No…my mom’s thinking about it (yep…that’s me…no facebook account necessary for him). Do you want to sit by me at lunch? Yes…but it is ssooooooo crowded (her response).
- And then the comment that caught my attention…”luv ya” from her to him….not ready for that…nope, not ready for that at all.  Harmless I realize...still not ready for that.
- Hoping “they go out” for a sum total of three weeks like my first boyfriend.
- But…really knowing this is only just the beginning…and I’m not ready for him to grow up.
- Refer to yesterday’s post…can we keep them young?

And trying to stay cool…so that he keeps talking to me. And am thinking it is better I am a mom to boys...not sure how I'd handle being a mom to girls!

And now...back to the regularly scheduled card for the Embellish Challenge.  Can you tell I'm in love with my PTI Mat Stack die too?   Been using it a ton lately and loving these long cards....clean and simple design.    Created the squares for the card with my SU texture template on the plum paper.

Happy Wednesday!
Ingredients:  SU Whisper White and Plum Paper; SU Basic Black and Pure Pear Ink; PTI Mat Stack, Damask Design Stamps and Buttons


Aimes said...

Aww young love, remember it like it was yesterday! LOL! Stay cool, it'll be worth it no matter how hard it may seem! I'm the only gal of 4 kids and my parents tell me it's much harder with a daughter (either that, or I was just a handful!)
Anyways onto your super CAS card - love it! The scoring detail looks fab and totally rocks the Embellish Challenge!

Cristina said...

Beautiful card!

And good luck with Ryan. I just took my little one to preschool this morning and was thinking how old she's getting, too. I can't believe one day I'll have to think about boyfriends and girlfriends and facebook accounts (who knows what it will be by then)!

Diane Jaquay said...

I had to laugh at this Lynn! Connor is 13, and I can relate to much of this, although I can't get him to talk about girls no matter what I do. But I know they're out there because he has dozens of female friends on Facebook lol!

Kimba's Kreations said...

OMG!!! First of all your boys are all sooo handsome!!! I think what you posted about today is so HEARTFELT & LOVING!!! I have a son who will be 12 this October and some of the things you listed,he is absolutely doing! Thanks for that bit of insight! (TeeHee)

Secondly, your card is amazing! you're so talented. I wanted to know what color & brand of ink you used for the stamped image? Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Love your story about your son...mine is going to be 9 soon and this is what I have to look forward to huh? :) Your card is beautiful! Love that texture with the SU plate....I will have to check into them!

Ida said...

Beautiful card. Love the scoring (adds such great detail).
Oh my you won't be able to keep the girls from that one. He's very handsome!

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, what an entertaining post! Your son is so handsome. I'm not surprised a cheerleader is after him. Heehee. ;) That is one lovely card! I love all of the simple elements put together. The shape of it is the best!

Sue Lelli said...

I'm praying for YOU! (Like my reference to your FAB card with the AMAZING scoring!) This is only the beginning - especialy with such HANDSOME boys!

Be(e) said...

Love your card!! Clean and simple, but oh so fabulous!!
Stay cool!! ;) Loved reading your post.

Maureen said...

oh, you have the new mat stack!! Love it :) LOL about your makes me laugh when parents fret over their small children...I always say, wait until they get bigger and you can't always keep your eyes on them...driving, movies, girlfriends...but I'm sure you've laid a great foundation with them...I think boys are easier too...although I only have the one...boys seem a lot simpler and easier to figure out, although they don't spill the beans as easily!! LOL We moms have to ask 101 questions as they only give one word answers!! LOL

Maile Belles said...

Just gorgeous! Love how you created a mat for the square. So glad you could join us in the Embellish challenge.

Debbie said...

I too only have boys and am not sure AT ALL how I would have done with girls. LOVE your style. :D I feel CASE's coming on. Debz in MInneSNOWta