Monday, September 13, 2010

Fire Station Birthday!

My little guy, Marcel, is turning five in a couple of weeks.  I know we all say this as our children grow older, but it really is hard to believe that he is five years old.  He's also starting pre-school today!  He'll be taking the bus to I'll be out there snapping pictures later this morning!  He is so excited to be a big boy riding the bus to "Collin's school". 

This year we're having his birthday at the local fire station!  He was so excited..."did you give them out mommy?  Is my birthday 'morrow?"  Not quite yet sweet boy!

First up, Marcel's birthday card (following Keesh's Inkspiration Sketch Challenge):
Second, his invitation:
Hope you have a great start to your week!


  1. What a great invitation and birthday idea! What a cool mom you are!

  2. Super sweet invitation and card, Lynn! I love the idea of having a party at a fire station - how cool!

  3. A wonderful card and matching invitations!! I'm just waiting for my little man to ask me about visiting the firehouse!

  4. So much fun, and a GREAT set of colors.

  5. Ohhh i totally LOVE THIS!!!! SUper colours, and the front is really really AWESOME!!!
    WOW what a great invite!!
    Smiles Sharnee :0)

  6. WOW! How CUTE! And what a fun party idea! Pretty soon they'll be 19 (like mine) and there will be no more fun parties and CUTE invitations :-( Cherish these good times because they go so fast!!

  7. What cool images, I love them, and how cool to go to a fire station for a birthday, excellent card.Oh and invite too lol

  8. WOW Lynn, this is adorable! Such a fabulous idea for an invite! My youngest is turning 5 in a couple of weeks too :) THanks so much for playing, love Keesh x