Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Life Lessons

I made this card for my wonderful friend Sandy's birthday on you dear!  This card was inspired by the Clean & Simple challenge and Lisa's fun tutorial onto how to make a poppy.  I'll be making more poppies as my nana loves, loves, loves poppies!

Now onto my little life lesson...(nothing to do with my card!)

Calling people by their first name. I often tell people at work that so many of the things we try to teachour children also apply to how we develop people at work.  Here’s my example: who doesn’t like to be called by their first name? At work, doesn’t it make you feel important if your boss’s boss or your co-worker in a different department knows you by name and says, “Hi Joe, how are you today?” I love it when I know someone’s name and can chat with them about their job (and I also panic when the mind goes blank and I can’t remember a co-worker’s name.)

So….fast forward to our driveway. Katie (my dear, dear neighbor), Allison (Katie’s daughter and Ryan’s classmate) and I are outside chatting. Katie’s family had just gotten back from vacation and Ryan had been watering their plants and bringing in their mail. Out comes Ryan. Walks up to us…looks at Allison, but doesn’t say a word. Yes – entering 7th grade and chatting with a girl becomes a little awkward. In fact, he really doesn’t say anything to anyone because he’s nervous. So fast forward to later than evening. “Hey Ryan…want a suggestion?” Tentative and almost an eye roll…”Sure mom.” “When you see someone you know and you’re a little nervous the easiest way to break the ice is to say hi to them and call them by name….it makes everyone more comfortable. Like when you saw Allison, just say, ‘Hey Allison, how are you?’ Quick and easy and everyone relaxes.” Puzzled look follows and “MOmmmmm” …we’ll see what happens next time he sees Allison. The funny thing is…he’s known Allison since the day he was born….

Now…apply this to blogging…who doesn’t love a comment when someone calls you out by name! I do…thanks to all you commenters! I love hearing from you!

PS I realize this story may seem boring, but I love watching people and how they react to certain scenarios and I often apply things from my children to work and vice versa….think if Ryan is a salesperson when he’s older….needs to look people in the eye…call them by name…and close the sale…yes I know that made this story even more exciting?!
Ingredients:  Archiver's Red Paper; SU Whisper White Paper/Ribbon, PTI Black Ribbon, SU Stamps


Patrice said...

I love your card. I'm a huge poppy fan myself. Enjoyed reading your story too :o)

missy said...

Pretty card! I love it!
I agree about the calling by first name! I feel like when someone calls be by name they really are speaking to ME! As where someone just saying "hi" or a smile doesn't feel like it is truly sincere! Anyone can smile or say hi but not everyone knows your name! So, thanks for helping me to realize that!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

Your flower looks terrific.

Carol said...

Beautiful card, Lynn, and I'm sure your friend, Sandy, will love it! Nice life lesson anecdote. I was taught to use a person's name as it does get their attention and also lets the other person know that you are completely engaged in the conversation. Funny story . . . I've actually scared people off by using their name . . . it was someone who I knew from school, but the individual didn't remember me (and certainly didn't remember my name). I spoke with the person, used his name, how I knew him, and it so flustered him that quietly snuck away and left.

kbecker2 said...

Further proving that great minds think alike, I said pretty much the same thing to Allison, who just rolled her eyes! Maybe someday....