Thursday, January 28, 2010

Collin's Scrapbook Review

I'm always chatting about what a little devil Collin can be....I should add a very sweet, loving...little devil!  His current scrapbook is full and covers four years.  I thought a quick scrapbook review of Collin would explain Collin. This is a sequence of what is in his book....
  • 2nd Birthday
  • Sound a sleep naked in his closet
  • Sound a sleep underneath his bed
  • Chef pictures
  • Pre-school photos
  • Sharpie marker all over his face
  • 3rd birthday
  • Sound a sleep in his closet
  • Pre-school Christmas concert
  • Chef pictures
  • Sound a sleep in the bathroom
  • Fourth birthday
  • Chef pictures
  • Fifth birthday
  • Pre-school Christmas concert
  • A note he had to write after getting in trouble at schoool stating..."I will not spit on others.  I will not spit on others.  I will not spit on others."
  • Sound a sleep in his closet
  • Sixth birthday
  • First day of kindergarten
  • Soccer
  • First tooth fairy visit
  • His own personal hair cut...
Notice the themes...he loves to cook...never quite sure where you'll find him sleeping...and a few bits of trouble...He plays hard...and when he crashes..he crashes hard! 

On a final note...a photo from one of the layouts mentioned above...sound asleep under the shelf in his closet!

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