Monday, December 21, 2009

Pat's Debut!

This weekend our dear friends, Ed and Julie, had several families over for Caroling with Kevin. Kevin is a friend of ours from high school.  It was a fabulous and very relaxing night out for our whole family.  Kevin invited anyone who was interested to borrow his guitar and sing too.  Pat is a self taught guitar player.  It is a hobby he has taken up over the last few years since he has been home with the boys.  He plays and sings all the time at home, but has never done it out in public.  My brother and several of his friends have been encouraging him to play in Saturday night was his night!  Ryan got him up there when he said, "Dad, if you play, I won't bug you about getting a cell phone until I'm in the ninth grade."  We all told Ryan that was a bad deal (he'd have to wait three years), but that was all the encouragement Pat needed.

Pat did fantastic...and even went up a second time and sang three more songs!  Needless to say, he's not going to hold Ryan to the bet!

The children participated too!  This sweety is Madison, she sang Rock a Bye Sweet Baby James...her daddy sings this to her every night....  Michael, Julie and Ed's son, played Rudolph and was fabulous!  As soon as he was done, he ran out of the room....playing was a little more of a priority!

Our host and hostess, Ed and Julie...we're so excited for them.  They are expecting a little one in June!

Kevin Fox, himself, keeping us entertained all night!

And three of my favorite men, Patrick, Ryan and my brother, Mark!


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

sounds like you guys had a wonderful time...your card creations are awesome, great work....Merry Christmas!

enjoy *~*

WELCOME! said...

I think I should have been invited to both parties - I would have LOVED to hear Pat!