Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monday Nights

Monday nights during the fall are poker nights at our house.  Pat has the guys over from the neighborhood for Texas Hold 'Em during the Monday Night Football games.  Most of them are in the neighborhood fantasy football...or enjoy getting out of the house for a few hours each week for some guy time.  They were good sports this week letting me take a few pictures.  They all make me laugh when they come to the front door.  They've learned just to walk in so that they don't wake up any of the boys and most of the time take off their shoes at the front door...their wives would be so proud!

Quite often when they come over I'm working in my crafting room for a few minutes before they get started playing. Several of them will pop their head in and want to see what I'm's actually pretty funny.  Maybe I'll need to start asking them if they want me to make cards for their wives?!?!!

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