Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Marcel (still a few days early!)

The little man's birthday is this Saturday. His party with his cousins, Shelby and Will isn't until the we'll give him his presents this weekend on his actual birthday.

To say that Marcel loves cars is an understatement. He is addicted to cars. Yesterday, I was filling out a school paper where I had to write down his favorite things. I asked him what his favorite things are. He said, very loudly, "CARS! CARS! CARS! Airplanes! CARS! CARS!" Guess we got the message!

He especially likes older model cars, VWs and Ford trucks. When I saw this paper, I thought it would be perfect for his birthday card...reminded me of our station wagon growing up...not that a four year old will spend too much time looking at his card!

Thanks to Stampin' 411 for the inspiration!


  1. The card is so pretty! Super cute.. I have to say, I spent 5 or 6 minutes just looking at your banner at the top. I love your color scheme on the blog and i love the overall layout. Beautiful work, i look forward to seeing more!

  2. Oh...this is SO cute! Love your new look, too! Thanks for playing this week...

  3. Love your new banner and cute little font you got going here. Cute card too. I know what you mean about the kids not really looking at the card. They just want the presents!

  4. What a great card and really love the new look of your blog!! thanks for playing along this week!