Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Boys!

Seems that Ryan has had a lot of birthdays to go to lately. He mentioned to me that he didn't have much to chose from in my card stash! I love that they all know to go directly into my stash to find a card for their friends or even better they occasionally make cards of their own. I made the first card below and asked Ryan if he would use it. He made a face at me and said, "Well I don't really like the outside part." My reply, "Nice." Ryan's reply, "Well mom, you shouldn't ask if you don't want to know. It's not like you asked how your dress or clothes looked or something like that...I know to always say I like it then." My reply, "Huh..." Made me laugh! He liked the second plainer version better. Note to all future girl friends...don't add too much flair!

Thanks to CPS for the inspiration!