Monday, August 17, 2009

Beach Boys

We had a wonderful week in Destin on vacation! Unfortunately, the time passes too quickly and we're back home...going back to work and getting ready for going back to school! I'll share some fun pictures from our trip, but first wanted to share these individual pictures of the boys. We took these in between snapping some for our Christmas card! Never to early to start planning for Christmas cards!

Honestly, when I look at these pictures I can't believe how big each of the boys is getting. Next year Ryan will be a teenager! Marcel still has that sweet little baby face...I'll be so sad when that's gone! A few more of each of them individually below!

Ryan...the poser! I had to ask him to stop posing so that I could take a "true" picture of him...although I think the posing is really the true picture!

Jonathon...the man! Very content sitting in the sand!Collin...don't bother me I'm trying to build a sand castle!
Marcel...minutes before he was soaking wet in his regular clothes! Before the water...
...and after when he went "all in" the water!

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WELCOME! said...

I agree your boys have matured so much in only one year. A very handsome bunch! Enjoy every moment and I can't wait for the Christmas card!