Monday, July 27, 2009

My Guitar Hero

Pat has been staying home with the boys for almost 8 years now....since Jonathon was a year old. In that time, he has taught himself how to play the guitar. It is truly amazing. I really can't imagine having the discipline to teach myself to read music, learn the various chords, etc. It is his relaxation. He prints off music all the time from Tab Crawler and other websites. His guitar's "resting place" is in our dining room. The sheet music's home is on our side board. I often find him singing and strumming in the corner of the dining room. He has a beautiful voice.

I showed Collin this scrapbook page too. He said, "That's my daddy....he's a beary good singer. That's his special guitar. We don't touch it. He's a beary, beary good 'tar player."

The format of this layout is from the CPS challenge. Ingredients: SU Papers and Making Memories Just Chillin' embellishments.

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