Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Random Post... {cards, organizational tips...and lots of chatter}

 Remember me saying that my college roommate was visiting this weekend...well I think I may have too much going on.  I called her Friday afternoon wondering why she hadn't called about what time she'd be arriving on Saturday.  She called back cracking up.  " have the wrong weekend, we're coming next weekend."  I just started laughing.  Thankfully next weekend works out fine too. weekend we'll catch up with Barb and her family!  And then Saturday morning, a text to my sister-in-law, "What time does Liv compete tomorrow at her horse show?"  Her reply, "It's next weekend..."  I think maybe my brain is full!  So..Saturday we focused on getting the boys too and from baseball games.  Four games later (three played and one umpired) and we had plenty of fresh air at the end of the day!

Now...I'm sure you didn't come by to hear about my brain being full!  After dinner I had time to create and I LOVED the color combo at Just Us Girls.  It has been way too long since I've played along with these fabulous ladies.  So first...I made this card.  And I just didn't like it at all.  

This morning when I got up...I thought to myself "It's that resin flower...use the same buttons you already have on there."  And I like this card so much better!  Happiness...

And I did try the color combo using a completely different style card.  I do think this color combo shouts flowers (but just about everything shouts flowers to me) I thought I'd give it a go and use the PTI Grunge Me set that doesn't see ink as often as I'd like these days.  This also gave me an opportunity to use the awesome CASE this Sketch sketch this week.

If you've made it this far...I'm impressed...and I have more to share with you.  None of this is rocket science, but as I was created yesterday, I thought you might be interested in a few of my favorite organizational ideas in my craft space that I use all the time.

First I store my scrap papers. I love this file that I've had for years from Creative Memories.  I do close it occasionally, but most of the time, it is open.

Scraps are stored in ROYGBIV (rainbow) order.  I reach in this all the time to get a color to matte a sentiment, etc on my card.  My card club friends will be really proud of me as I used to be really bad about throwing away scraps.
Next up is how I store my gems. I also put these in rainbow order. The packs with multiple colors are in the back.  Having these in rainbow order and sitting on the shelf just about move work space makes them super easy to grab.  I used to just throw them in this box, but having them in color order makes it faster for me to grab them.
Last but not least is how I store my clear stamps (I think I have only about 8 sets of wood mount stamps now)...I used these CD baskets from Target.  I have them sorted by brand.  I have about 8 of them and they are easy to grab the set you want. 

Now...if you've made it this far?  What's your favorite organizational tip.  I'd love to hear it!  I'm always thinking about how I can arrange my supplies more effectively for ease of use!  Thanks for sticking with me through this long winded post!  I'm off to go get dressed and go for a run...


  1. & you run too?
    How do you do it?
    I get the brain being too full.
    I always crack up when people start their convo's with me like this: "Do you remember...." It's almost like I shut down because that's what happens when my brain gets too full, I can't remember stuff. oy.
    How fun to see the before and after pic of your card. Who wouldn't thought 1 small change would be such an impact. I do like both versions though:) Your CTS card is so sweet...I love how you do non-bumpy cards. I gotta try that more often. Okay, so sorry for the long comment, it goes along with your long post:) Love seeing your organizational tips!

  2. Thanks for the fab organizing tips, Lynn and do I ever love the colors on your cards! Interesting to see what a difference a button makes, but I love both of them! Your CTS card is so fun - love how you layered those colors!

    I feel so much better, knowing you forget and get things mixed up too - I always say that it's the result of way too much going on in my life - you did the right thing - you went and created some cards - always clears my head! :)

  3. Hah! Sounds like me right now! Beautiful card. I agree with your chane. I will have to stop by Target. I store scraps by color too just in ziplock bags. I like your idea better.

  4. Cluttered mind? Last weekend I went to a party at our neighbours on my own as DH is away. When I got there they came to the door and guess what it was THIS weekend!!! So I get it. It is amazing how a button can change it all personally I like both of the cards and your third too. Thanks for sharing your organizational tips. I struggle with scraps so much.

  5. oh, what a lineup of lovely colours today! I love the hint of pink border on the last one and those gorgeous Verve flowers on the others. I love the way you've shown us the difference...I am constantly trying out different embellishments/colours on cards.

    Ah, the brain is full and now one thing must leave before anything new comes in. I know that! Don't all us women? Especially the ones with 2 full time jobs in and out of the house. And then add our DT commitments! Oh, and submissions! LOL Once my brain gets full, my only help are the lists I make and my calendar. So you'll have a fun weekend to look forward to! Woohoo!

    I don't remember that basket of gems when I was there ;) Love it!

  6. 4 games is enough without all the rest. Button looks so much better. You have seen my craft space, I may be just a tiny bit OCD but it doesn't seem to stretch to my crafts!!

  7. Love your chattering post, Lynn! I Sometimes I do wonder how you keep things in check! You are doing an amazing job if I can add! At least you called to confirm the time of your college friend's arrival as I might not even remember to do that! I love the cards--all of them. I guess the buttons and colors are just the smallest details--no right or wrong, only our own preferences! I store my stamps in the similar ways! It is hard to keep track now, isn't it!? But then, I am not complaining :)

  8. Loving that Verve flower and how you used the JUGS colours. I chose them as flower colours and just love the combo - you made it shine :) Love the second card you made too - such a cute bird! I store my nesties in a zip lock CD holder and many of my clear stamps in binders with photo pockets/page protector sleeves.

    I hear you re: the full brain. Happens to me quite often - at least I have never left a child behind somewhere LOL!

  9. Heehee... my brain is full, I'm going to use that one. At least it all still works out.

    Lovely cards, I love how you thought about the card all night and then changed it in the morning. I have done that very thing. And your cas card is darling!!!

  10. LOL! I totally get your brain being too full. I'm right there with you, my dear. Plus, this time of year always has us running to and from something new, but I love it! Take a breath and relax once in a while ;).

    Your cards and organizational tips are fabulous! I store my stamps in baskets, too, but my Wplus9 goodies, just this weekend, outgrew theirs. So, they've moved to a shelf, until I can decide if that works ;). Have a blessed week!

  11. I love your cards! With the flower and the button either way! So pretty! And that CAS card...LOVE! You were the one who taught me the scrap paper storage and I love it!

  12. How fun I popped over today -- picked up a few "storage ideas" [love the scrap paper one..] and got 2 see some awesome JUGS cards! Thanks for joining in with us this week - happy to see you!

  13. Wow Lynn, I love both versions but I do kinda like the all button card! Love the flash of Verve! You sound like much going on that I wonder how us FT moms keep it all in check!!! Hugs my friend!!!

  14. So funny how a little thing like that flower can haunt you until you just know...
    I agree, love the little change you made!

  15. Love the polka dot background and little bird. Too cute! Thanks so much for playing with us @ CAS(E) this Sketch!

  16. yes, i agree, much better with the button:)

  17. Love the pretty pastels and the graphic take on the CTS sketch! Thanks so much for playing along with us at CAS(E) This Sketch this week!

  18. LOVE how you slept on it and them made it look better! I agree the button was more right! Is that correct English??!

  19. Amazing how changing one little element on a card can make it completely different isn't it? I like the resin flower but I think you're right that the second card just feels more cohesive.

    Love how you used the Grunge Me set in girly colors! It totally works and totally rocks!

    As for storage, the Craft Cave is an endless work in progress. I store my gems in rainbow order too and my stamps are in plastic bins that I can flip through.

    P.S. Thanks for playing along with CAS(E) This Sketch this week!