Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thanks a Latte

Hello friends...popping in to share a fun card using the current Viva La Verve Sketch and color challenge.  It's been a really long time since I've played along with a Viva La Verve Sketch, but it's a new year...and I do need to get moving on replenishing my card stash!  I loved the color combo too so I decided to play along with both.  Have you seen the new challenge blog for Viva La Verve? If not, pop on over and take a peek.  I simplified the sketch a bit, by inking the circles, masking and adding the chevron image.  All of the stamps are Verve.

So...what's happening around your neck of the woods? The change at our house is that Ryan has started his first real job (outside of baseball umpiring).  He is a host and bus boy at a local restaurant.  I have to say I'm pretty proud of how he's handling it so far. He's picked up a few extra hours, is learning how to use their on-line scheduling software, etc.  Pat went with him to set up his checking account with a debit card so that his checks can be direct deposited into his account. It's fun watching him grow up!    We have one week until show choir competitions start too...can you tell I'm excited?!

I also wanted to share this picture of Collin. The kids were off school on Monday/Tuesday because of extremely cold temperatures. They went back yesterday.  Collin came home and crashed.  This week has been extremely stressful and there is something about the peace of watching your little ones sleep that is calming to me.  I had to snap him on my phone to keep that in my heart.  I did wake him up for his drum lesson.  He has a recital at the beginning of March. I can't wait to get his picture behind the drum set.  He gives the real Collin smile when he's drumming or talking about how much he loves drumming.  I'll be sure to share the picture. It is awesome that he has found something he really loves doing.


sandie said...

love the colour combo and all the chevrons xx

Vicki Dutcher said...

You know I adore the coffee cups!!


あけまして おめでとうございます!!!
This is what Japanese is should be between the New Year.
Holidays in Japan.
On the morning of the New Year's day,
the whole family get together and wish one
another good health and to celebrate
the coming of a new year by drinking a special kind of rice wine
called otoso.
The dishes,we prepare for the New Year's holidays
are called osechi.
Most Japanese visit Shinto shrines or Buddist temples.
We pray to the deities that we will live safely through the
coming year.
These New Year visits to shrines and temples are called hatsumode.
We, adults give otoshidama-a New Year's present-
to children. In most cases, it's money.
This is thought as a gift from the gods to encourage
children to do their best.
いつも ありがとう。感謝!!!

~amy~ said... the pic of Collin sleeping:)
How exciting, all the stuff going on in your busy household! You know that I love your coffee card, awesome design and colors!

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

I'm 110 % behind you on the sleeping photo thing (I have far too many examples) and you may inspire me to pull out my Verve stamp like yours (which I won from your friend Maureen).

Barb said...

I've loved watching my boys sleep since the were babies - just warms the heart, doesn't it?

Congrats to Ryan on the job! Can't wait to see photos of show choir again, and how fun that Collin plays the drums!

Your card is fabulous, Lynn! Awesome masking and love the design! ♥

Tracey McNeely said...

This reminds me that I need to get those coffee cups from Verve, fabulous card Lynn. There is nothing in this world more heartwarming that watching your babies sleep. xoxo

Maureen said...

What a perfect colour interpretation! I need a LATTE NOW! lol Congrats to Ryan! McDonald's was my first job and I sure liked watching my bank account grow! How exciting! Yes, nothing sweeter than watching our "babies" sleep. Hope things become more peaceful soon :) ox

Marisa said...

Love those coffee cups - makes me want a latte BAD! Great use of the colours and sketch too.

There is just something special about watching your kids sleep..I used to sneak in to their rooms when they were young and just stare at them for a while (amazing how it erased all the tensions of the day you had with them LOL). Still love seeing them sleep to this day and they are teens now. Congrats to Ryan on his first job!! Sure he will do a great job :)

Cathy Weber said...

No surprise Lynn your card is the coffee cups, but what really touched me this morning is your wonderful narrative about your kids. You are such a good mom, so proud and as a mom I really do know exactly what you are describing. Such simple little things like the kids talking to each other...really talking, not commenting on tv or something like that just absolutely warms my heart.

Bobby said...

The picture of Collin just melted my heart. Your card is similar to the colors in the picture (change aqua for green)and is a great take on the sketch.

Vickie Z said...

Love how you used the sketch and colors....perfect!! First job....such a big moment!,

Lisa Kind said...

I love your card! So colorful! And the pic of your son is so sweet! I used to love watching my nieces and nephew sleep. I even like watching my hubby sleep. Something so innocent about that!

Joyce said...

Love that card and the colors you picked. Your sleeping boy is just precious. Love that pic.

Jinny Newlin said...

Oh, Lynn, I'm so sorry it's been a stressful week! It seems everyone is going through something. Doesn't it? Sigh. So glad to hear your boys are thriving and embracing growing up. And your card is too fun! LOVE those coffee creations :)!

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

Oh, I just love this! Those masked circles are so cool.

Sue Lelli said...

Colin is so CUTE! Fab card! Love the chevron circles and the colors!

Kara said...


Aimes said...

Fabulous masked circles, Lynn! Love the way you simplified the sketch!
Your little drummer boy looks so peaceful! I bet you didn't want to wake him up!
Hope things have warmed up for you over there! :)

Jen W. said...

LOVE this! Those little cups are adorable and those inked circles are awesome!
And Collin is adorable! Can't wait to see him rocking his drum set!