Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Collin's Birthday {and a card to share}

 Hello friends, it's pretty rare around here that I go four days without posting, but back to school and our house getting struck by lightning on Saturday night crafting took a back seat for several days.  We have to have our chimney replaced, roof fixed, some appliances replaced and drywall work done.  Here's hoping the insurance company is easy to work with for the repairs.  I am so thankful no one was hurt when the lightning struck so working through the logistics of an insurance company is not a big deal.

But that isn't why you stopped by!   First, I have a card to share with you for the current PaperSmooches Challenge.  The inspiration photo was flowers and I of course had to ink up my PS Reflections set. Love it!  This is very similar to another card I made with this set, but I love the white ink on the coral.

And next..I have Collin's birthday pictures to share with you.  He was so excited to have his birthday party at a go kart place.  It was absolutely awesome. The boys had a ten minute race on the go karts and several races using remote control cars. That combined with pizza, cake and presents made for a perfect birthday!

I love these pictures of him with his cake. The left hand photo is a pure Collin face. It's a little bit of I don't like being the center of attention, but I'm so happy I'm about to laugh face.  It is 100% Collin...adorable!

And here's the whole gang getting ready to go kart on the right hand side. The pictures of them actually driving the go karts didn't turn out very well!  The bottom two photos show them with the caps they had them wear underneath the helmets.  Probably a good thing as they were very sweaty when they finished racing!
 Our gifts to Collin were a mini locker (he loves doing the combination) and a metal detector. He loves going through our yard and out with Pat whenever possible to metal detect.   Collin looks for the metal and Pat digs up what he finds...it's pretty hilarious really and he absolutely loves it! 


  1. I was thinking... where is Lynn?

    So glad your Ok my friend!

    The white on coral looks fabulous!

    happy birthday to Collin!
    His feelings about being the center of attention is something I understand so well!
    Have a great day!

  2. I was starting to wonder where you were too. Yikes! What an awful thing to have happen! Must have been quite scary! I am so glad and relieved to hear none of you were hurt! Hope the fixing-up goes smoothly for you!

    That white in against the coral is stunning - such a pretty card!

    And big happy birthday wishes to Collin! Looks like he had a wonderful day! Love the unique gifts you gave him! Sending hugs!

  3. So sorry to hear about your house getting struck! Glad everyone's ok! I love that white ink on coral, love! Your son is too cute. I can only image the treasures he finds with his metal detector!

  4. What a precious boy :) Love that face!! Go karting is sooo much fun! Did it while on vacation this summer. Happy birthday to Collin :)

  5. glad you are getting sorted now and fab photos. I too love the white ink on the coral. I haven't used this set for ages, about time I inked it up!

  6. Yikes! How scary about the lightning!! So glad you're all okay and I hope things go as smoothly as possible with the repairs and insurance. Man, never a dull moment in the Mangan household!

    The white on coral of your card is gorgeous. So simple but stunning!

    And Collin is so ridiculously adorable. They all look like bobble head dolls in those huge helmets! Hilarious!

  7. Happy birthday to Collin! The metal detectosounds cool and I absolutely love your card!

  8. Sorry to hear about your house getting struck but very thankful everyone is ok. Your card is just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing the birthday boy's pictures! :)

  9. Do you guys get a lot of lightning over there? I remember our conversation about it in London. So glad no one was hurt at your house!
    Oooh white ink works well on coral. Love how the leaves frame the sentiment!
    What a happy birthday Collin had - those freckles of his are adorable! :)

  10. Whoa! That had to have been scary! Glad everyone is good and your house is fixed!

    Lovely seeing the white on the colored card base -- really pretty~

  11. How fun! How scary! How beautiful! (party, lightning, card).

  12. I just love the look of white on coloured cardstock :) Adorable CAS :) What a fun party! I love the joy on your boys' faces...so many fun times this summer! EEK! I have to go to work! ox

  13. Oh my goodness. That lightening strike must have been soooo scary. I hope you can replace everything without too much trouble. Collin is so adorable (although he probably doesn't like that word) lol I love the simplicity of your card.

  14. I am glad to know that everyone is fine :) you never know what can struck you... Also i am happy to know that you are now through with the repair work :) and i will now be able to see and admire and be inspired by ur lovely cards :)

    And yes, belated birthday wishes to Collin :)

  15. Okay first of all Ii am so glad that you are all safe, the house can be fixed. So sorry that if happened. Love your card and now Reflections is officially in my shopping cart! Fabulous pictures from Collin's birthday, go karting sounds like so much fun!!

  16. I love that you feel guilty for four days... ha ha!!! Great card, I should try more colored card stock bases....

  17. Love the white stamping on this melon color!!

  18. Oh my gosh I've never heard about lightning striking a house. That is horrible. I bet it was scary too. So glad no one was hurt.

    Collin looks to be having a great time on his birthday. Your boys are growing so fast. I saw their back-to-school photos. Had to chuckle about the older ones not wanting their photos taken where they might be seen.

    Very nice card. I like the shadow like effect.

  19. LOVE the white on the coral and the party looks like a blast!

  20. Oh, no! I hope things work out with the insurance company, too, Lynn.

    Your card is beautiful! LOVE white stamping to bits!

    And those pics of Collin's celebrations are just too fun! TFS!