Thursday, October 20, 2011


Funny conversation around the house:

Marcel comes in crying after playing outside with friends:  "He was so mean to me because I didn't understand how to play the game." 
Me:  "What were you playing?"
Marcel, Very adamantly:  "Hot Mama. And he was so mean to me...I didn't understand how to play."
Me:  "Hot Mama?  What's Hot Mama?"
Marcel:  "I had to run and get on base on the playset...and I didn't really know where base was."

I calmed him down...but had to really keep from laughing.  Anyone else have little boys playing "Hot Mama"?  Should I be worried?!

And this card has nothing to do with my story...just popping in to share the card that I made several months ago that had never made it to my blog!


Jen W. said...

Hot Mama??? That's a new one! Whatever happened to Tag or Stuck in the Mud?

Love the stickers on your card - they look great with the vellum.

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, I've never heard of Hot Mama. I wonder how it got that name?!

Your card is gorgeous! I love those leaves. Are they acetate or stickers?

Ida said...

Love your card, glad you remembered to share it.
Oh my I did laught at, "Hot Mama"...the things kids say and do.
Yesterday Coleen came in and said she needed Apples, 7-Up and Sugar so she could make a Pina~Colada
Can't you just picture her going to school and telling her teacher that she made a Pina~Colada at Grandma's house!

Jay Gee said...

LOL, Hot Mama?... sounds intriguing, like something daddy might play :)

Love your card Lynn, the leaves look amazing.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

This is super gorgeous, Lynn! Love those leaves wrapped up with twine. :)

lisa arana said...

this is so full of yummy fall goodness. the colors and patterned paper is just perfect!

Maureen said...

aw, poor Marcel...I would be interested in asking his friend how to play the game! LOL Maybe he thinks Marcel's mom is a hot mama or heard it around the neighbourhood! ;) It reminds me of the K teacher saying to her class, ok, we're going to work like a team and clean up and a sweet little girl looked worried looking around, "Where do we go to work like a team?" Gorgeous leaf card!! I do love your embellishments :) Hugs, hot mama!!

Laurie said...

OH so pretty! I love the touch of gingham!