Thursday, July 21, 2011

The End of the Season

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As I mentioned earlier this week, Ryan's baseball season is officially over.  They had a great All Star tournament making it all the way to the finals.  This is the furthest a team in our community has ever made it.  One more win and they would have gone to state.

I thought I'd share some pictures from the tournament.  Top left is after they lost in the final can tell by the smiles that they are very happy!  And of course, Marcel, never the shy little brother, had to jump in the photo. There are a variety of shots of Ryan:  catching, pitching, playing first, stealing second...heading for home.

I am proud of how hard he works on the baseball field to improve, but even more importantly I am proud of the young man he is becoming.  He is a great teammate:  encouraging and positive even when the game may not be going the way they want.  The coach from the other team who beat them in the finals complimented him at the end of the game,  "Hey catch, I watched you play and I'd love to have you on my team.  Not only for your baseball skills, but for your leadership and positive attitude."  I've been smiling for days...


Jen W. said...

Nice job with your cub, Mama Bear! He sounds like a really cool kid and such an inspiration for your younger cubs. :)

Have a wonderful weekend with Maureen on your PTI adventure! Can't wait to hear about it. :)

Jay Gee said...

You must be very proud Lynn - and Ryan should be very proud too :)

Maureen said...

aw, proud momma I'm sure :) I can't wait to meet Ryan and all your boys :) Eeek, okay, I'd better get off the internet and finish packing!! Cheers!!

Barb said...

Well, there is nothing better than hearing something like that from another coach! You deserve to be proud! I sure enjoyed each time you shared about Ryan's season, Lynn! Give that wonderful young man a hug from me!

Anonymous said...

All the pictures are great. I know how proud you are of Ryan and his friends!!!! It was a great season.

Aimes said...

What a cool picture collage, Lynn! How fast do the seasons fly by, eh?!
What sweet words from the coach to Ryan - you must be one very proud mom with good reason!
P.S When Moe (aka Diva!) makes it to yours, have a drink for me OK? :D

Jenny said...

I'm not up on sports in general but even less so baseball but I can see your a very proud and supportive Mum and that's as it should be :)
Love the picture montage :)
Jenny x

Karen B. said...

n only hope that my boys grow up to be something I can be proud of, as yours clearly do.

Amy said...

Oh Lynn! This is fantastic!!! I love to hear boys being team players and being positive! Brett is known for this on his team too! Way to go this season! Now onto Football! :)

Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, what a sweet post, Lynn! Your words about Ryan and his success really touched my heart. I feel so happy for both of you!

Enjoy Stamp-a-Faire this weekend!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Be(e) said...

i love reading about your boys' games. Even though I don't have a clue what you are talking about when it comes to the game itself, your pride is heart warming!