Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little Boy Conversations

Prior to sharing my card, I thought I'd share some little boy conversations happening at my house. 

First up is Collin...who is fixated on bad words.  Most children go through this stage and I think when they have older siblings it happens a little bit younger.  So here are some random Collin statements:
"B-U-T is the nice but.  B-U-T-T is not the nice butt."
"Hello has a bad word in it."
"Marcel called me the "b" word." My response, "What's the "b" word?"  "I don't know, but it's bad."
"Fit rhymes with a bad word."
Fun stuff...!

And Marcel...he got in trouble at school last week.
"Marcel, did you get in trouble today?"
"YEAH Mom...I couldn't buckle my pants...but I DIDN'T GET DETENTION."
"Marcel, what is detention?"
"You know, MOMMY, it's when you have to go to the principal, MR. BUSH, but I DIDN'T GET DETENTION."
Think he learned about detention from cartoons...we were having a good laugh...he has a hard time snapping the button on his jeans!  Can you hear where he was emphasizing his words?

And really my boys aren't trouble makers!

And now onto why most of you are probably see a card!  Here's my card for Jay Gee's fourth challenge.  Love the colors.  I picked up some new Little Yellow Bicycle butterflies and paper.  Yummy!
Here's the inspiration photo for the challenge.


Jay Gee said...

Your boys conversations are a crack up :) How do you stop from laughing?Love your card, the layout, colours and that butterfly is gorgeous. Thanks for joining us again at Jay Gee's. Hugs Judith

Barb said...

Great take on the challenge photo, Lynn! Love the little boy conversations! Made me laugh! At least Collin isn't actually SAYING the bad words!

Ida said...

This is such a lovely Sympathy card.
Oh what fun "boy" conversations.

Debra said...

Always enjoy seeing what you have created. Your conversations and stories about the boys are a bonus!! Thanks for sharing.

Diane Jaquay said...

Very subtle and lovely, perfect for a sympathy card!

Maureen said...

oh I am totally feeling the inspiration here on your card :) Love flourishes with butterflies! I had to laugh at the bad can imagine I hear it a lot as a teacher. But friends of mine (I also taught their boys eons ago) told me the funniest one...their 5 year old (at the time) comes home and was very upset that someone said the "f" word at school. As parents, they acted very concerned and asked what the "f" word was...he said "sh**." funny!!

Ida said...

Had to pop back by with this link:

Aren't children wonderful!

Aimes said...

Tee Hee - love those conversations! I hear those naughty words at work far too much sometimes! LOL!
Ok onto the card - well no naughty words for this beauty! Truly beautiful (and with that good dollop of green - a fabby creation in my book *wink*)

Anonymous said...

I too love the cards - but I especially like the antics of the boys!!!! Didn't get to read todays until after 7:00 pm.

Karen B. said...

Beautiful card, and truly funny quips on your boys. Sometimes I think I'm reading my own words when I stop by here.

Michele Gross said...

Love those cute convo's! I have 2 boys and I've found as long as they are telling you what they're up to, no worries :) Gorgeous card! Love the music sheet butterfly! So soft and serene-perfect for a sympathy card :)

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, those conversations had me rolling! I guess that's what I should look forward to. ;) Your card is gorgeous! I love the colours, the musical butterfly and the way you looped the twine to make the body and antennae. So clever!

Unknown said...

OOh! gorgeous card! Thanks for playing along with us this month ... Ange