Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Four Cards...and List of Fours

I have four quick cards to share with you today.  I went to a cookie exchange at Chrissy's last night...yumm.....I can feel the weight gain starting!  Chrissy is my card club buddy and great friend.  She is amazingly talented.  I could have walked around her house for hours admiring her gorgeous Christmas decorations.  As a small thank you, I wanted to make her a set of cards with some of the Verve verses.  I am in love with them.  Chrissy and I chat about how much we love the verses.  My first card is for the Play Date Cafe challenge.  The next three are just to complete the set using a variety of Crate Paper, Verve Stamps and Hero Arts lace.

And...Laurie and Karen were nice enough to tag me for a fun List of Fours...

1. Four shows that you watch: (have to say I don’t watch must TV these days…)
- College basketball (love college basketball…)
- Anything HGTV
- What Not to Wear
- Wheel of Fortune (an oldie but a goodie)

2. Four things you are passionate about:
- My family (hubby, boys, mom…my entire family)
- My faith
- Working hard and learning from my mistakes
- Card making

3. Four words/phrases you say a lot:
- I Love You
- Thank You
- Really
- Aahh..hah (this is when I get in trouble for not listening as well as I should.)

4. Four things you've learned from the past:
- If you know someone is hurting, but don’t know what to say, tell them you know they’re hurting, but you don’t know what to say. They’ll appreciate that more than not saying anything at all.
- Everything happens for a reason.
- Never leave without saying, “I Love You”
- Don’t take myself too seriously

5. Four places you would like to go:
- England (to see my mum’s family)
- Anywhere that would involve a family reunion with Pat or my family – we have a great time with our families
- Key West with Pat (belated 40th birthday celebration)
- Girl’s scrapbooking weekend!

6. Four things you did yesterday:
- Built Lego ships
- Baked about eight dozen cookies and some candy (not my idea of fun )
- Dropped off cards I made for my niece's teachers
- Slept in…and then ran on the treadmill

7. Four things you are looking forward to:
- The wonder on my boy’s faces Christmas morning
- Day after Christmas brunch with our entire family
- Seeing my niece sing in the children’s choir at church
- Relaxing with our entire family

8. Four things you love about winter:
- Beautiful Christmas decorations
- Not as much running around with activities
- Hot baths
- Spending time with our entire family

9.  Four people I tag to play along (no worries if you pass :)!!)
Maureen - Buttons & Bling
Aimes - Crafting Confessions
Amy - Stamp-n-Paradise (who I also have to thank for a blog award!)
Judith - Jay Gee's Nook

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Barb said...

Hi Lynn! Love this post! It's so fun getting to know you a bit more! We are similar in many ways! I LOVE college basketball too! Nothing better in the world of sports. . .bring on March Madness! I also love HGTV and watch Wheel of fortune every night while making dinner! Looking forward to the boys' faces on Christmas morning was always the best part of the season for me and I miss helping build with Legos! Your card set is beautiful! What a special gift for your friend!

Maureen said...

aw, thanks Lynn...I will try to do this as it's a neat way to get to know someone better :) LOVE those cards and those verses...seriously, aren't they the best? I just feel so calm and relaxed reading them :) It's onto the sugar cookies for me...only about 5 dozen to bake and give away for presents...if they stay in the house I'll eat them!!! LOL

Dana said...

I love the color coordination on these! That lace and the one rounded corner are the perfect touches!

Tiffany said...

Ooh, such a pretty set of cards, each one is really a work of art, lovely color combos!

Michele Gross said...

Such a lovely set of card! Just beautiful :)

Jay Gee said...

This set of cards is beautiful Lynn. Thanks for the tag - I will get onto that :)

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

These are all so pretty! Beautifully done!

Amy said...

Lynn, I love this post because I got to know you better! Thanks for tagging me to play along. My favorite card here is the bright yellow card....reminds me of spring. I love that time of year!

Anonymous said...

All beauties, but I like the first one the best! I am drawn to the paper and how the lace compliments it. Love the verses, too! Need to visit Verve!

Laurie said...

I love reading your answers! So fun! These cards are absolutley gorgeous!! I love each one and the verses are beautiful! Just love those Plain Janes!!