Friday, November 19, 2010

Clean & Simple Scrapbooking

Happy Friday!  A few of you have asked about scrapbooking so I thought I'd share a few layouts that I did while I was away last weekend.  My scrapbooking style has changed a lot over the years and it continues to get simpler and simpler.  I used to use a lot of embellishments, but now they are fewer and far between. I love the natural colored Creative Memories pages and I don't use a lot of patterned paper either.  I have a hard time not feeling overwhelmed by it in large quantities.  So here are a few layouts showing my CAS scrapbooking style.

My niece these pictures of her. I took these in the spring when I was taking Maggie Holmes photography class.
 Easter morning before church...the boys...all lined up.  If I were to retake this picture now, you'd see how much Ryan has grown in the last six months!
 My little kissy boy, Collin.  Oh...he gives the sweetest kisses (and dot on my i is missing!).
 My book ends, Ryan and Marcel.  I love this picture of the two of them.  I took this on a weekend when Pat was out of town camping with Collin and Jonathon.
 My mum's 70th birthday in June.  Surrounded by all of her grandchildren!
 And my two little sweet peas.  Fresh out of the bath tub...crashed after a good day of playing outside.
I find that I don't do a ton of journaling, but am thrilled to have my blog.  I am capturing so many more things that happen in our everyday lives here that I ever have in my scrapbooks.  Capture our memories makes me happy!


mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Wow, you did a lot of Scrapbooking on your retreat. I love the simple style you used. My favorite is the one with the sleepy heads! They are so cute.

Dana said...

I think that's why I'm so intimidated of scrapbooking: embellishing! I've come to realize over the last few months that if I ever get to scrapbooking again, this simple stuff is the way to go!
These are terrific!! Your boys look so wonderful all together like that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your scrapbook pages....I have also wondered about those. I like your clean and simple style. I haven't scrapbooked in a long time because I get too bogged down in the decorating aspect. Perhaps I will try your approach.
Also, any chance we can see where you create all this fun stuff? Like to see your "space".

Emily Leiphart said...

These are beautiful, Lynn! Reading your blog is like reading a great book that I never want to end. My favourite of these layouts is the one where you called Ryan and Marcel 'bookends'. I love that!

Maureen said...

so, so sweet, Lynn...what precious memories you've made for your boys both on your blog and in your scrapbook pages. I do a little scrapbooking, just trips and of course, the wedding...but I think I like the simpler style as albums are quite thick!! ugh!!! I have yet to try a digital one and am intrigued by them...I do have the SU digital studio, but haven't made any pages yet (just the blog header!! LOL). Your boys make me miss my Jake at all those ages...sweet, precious moments...enjoy them :)