Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Marcel!

Today, it's my little man's 5th birthday. We're off to the local fire station at 1 o'clock to celebrate with his brothers, cousins and a few friends.  We've been doing the count down all week...and he is so excited!

He is clear on what he wants for his birthday:  LEGOS....and he also remembers who he told to get what kind of legos...Star Wars, airport, race car, etc.  He's our youngest and we took him out yesterday to let him pick out a present of his own.  We've always surprised our boys, so not quite sure why we did it, but it was hilarious to walk through Target with him.  He knew what he wanted:  STAR WARS LEGOs.  We tried to let him know we'd get him more than one gift...but he was having none of that.  And actually got a little upset thinking we were trying to change his mind...very, very fun day with him!  So, now our house looks like this and I'm sure by 3 pm today there will be a lot more Legos to fill the room!  He's at a great age...pure joy and you little man!
And here's a super quick card for this week's One Layer Wednesday Challenge.  Our challenge this week is to show gratitude for a mother/woman in our lives.  This card is for my mother-in-law.  She loves anything with blue/white.  I am very blessed to have a wonderful set of in-laws and we'll be celebrating her birthday this month too!


Susan said...

Love the restful color...such a pretty card.

Ida said...

A BIG birthday Shout Out to Marcel, Have a wonderful day. That is such a fun age.
Your card is lovely. I love the color blue and it looks so serene paired with the white.

Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, look at your sweetie pie! I'm glad Marcel had such a great time picking out his own birthday present. Your MIL's card is wonderful!

Sue Lelli said...

I remember LEGO's and all of the things my husband and son made with them - me, too, sometimes! Can't wait to hear about the party! BTW really pretty card for your MIL!

mustavcoffee said...

Love your card, so pretty and lovely family pictures, thank you for sharing :0) xxx