Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My dear friend, Leah, wrote an interesting blog this weekend about attachments.  Check it out here.  I found this really interesting and have read it a few times.  She is clear to not write down what things or people you are attached to, but what experiences are you attached to.  I'm going to try this out.  Here are a few of the experiences I'm attached to on a daily basis:
  • When putting the little boys, Collin and Marcel, to bed, all three of us are attached to butterfly kisses at night.  If I don't give them both the same number, watch out!
  • Kissing my husband good bye in the morning while he is still asleep, reminding him of something only for him to say, "I can't hear when I first wake up."  I then kiss him again and tell him I love him.
  • Waking up in the morning, having a small glass of milk and checking out the blog posts from the night before....love to start my morning with some crafty inspiration.
  • I'm attached to running...which makes me smile as this is new to me in the last few years.  Marcel said to me the other day, "Mommy, in the morning, you going running?"  Guess that means they see it as an attachment too.
  • I'm attached to my daily hello from my friend Russ at UDF. He knows I need to start my drive to work with my 32 oz fountain diet coke...yummy...my perfect dose of caffeine.
  • I'm attached to do lists.  At work, I mark things complete and reprint them from Outlook Task Manager; at home, I cross off and rewrite them.
I had a really hard time separating people and things.  I'm going to keep thinking about my attachments.  Leah also challenged us to think about some of our negative attachments.  I definitely have some of those.  So...what do you think?  What experiences are you attached to? How have your attachments changed over the years?  I'd love to hear about them.

Here is a card for this week's Stampin' 411 challenge.  I made this card first and then decided it was entirely too much like last week's card.  My second card is still fairly similar, but it made me happy to get my chalks out and make this quick card.    

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  1. Oooh I like these both VERY much. The terracotta leaves are divine and the smokey effect on the flowers look amazing :D

  2. Love them both, but what's not to love! Great job as usual!

  3. These are both very pretty, but I really LOVE the first card, the colors are so glorious and scream FALL!

  4. They are both beautiful, Lynn, and I think that you can never go wrong with a style, or color combination, or sketch that you like! I have a difficult time separating physical attachments with emotional attachments, I should also give this a go.

  5. Both of your cards are gorgeous, and I loved reading about your attachments...thanks for sharing :)

  6. Lynn, these are beauties!!!! I really like the felt leaves and how it all ties in with your patterned paper choice. I'm also liking the patterned paper choice on the second one and how you sponged behind the flower.
    I've been pondering the attachement question. I know I like my routine and dislike change. I'm going to keep pondering this.

  7. LOVE them both and LOVE reading your attachments! How SPECIAL!

  8. Love both your cards! There's no more leaves here in MN....the windstorm blew them all off the trees!

  9. Both are very pretty!! What can we say all your cards ROCK!!!! Thanks for playing along with us!!

  10. Fabulous cards, love them both!!

  11. OH my I love reading your list! And I love love your cards! They are beautiful!

    I am hooked on Dt Dr Pepper! Have to have!!! And I love checking out blogs in the morning too although I am WAY behind right now~!! Hope your day is going well!!