Friday, September 24, 2010


This week is our school's homecoming...which means the homecoming parade was tonight. Pure joy for the two older boys that get to ride on the floats and the little boys enjoy more joy at getting to come home with a big bag full of candy. Here are a few picks from the night!

Collin...patiently waiting for the parade to start:

 Here they come...first up...our Loveland Tiger Marching band...wouldn't those flags make a great inspiration photo?!
 Here comes the 4th grade football team...check out all those footballs...cut/painted by Pat and names applied by a few moms and me! Simple float decorating :)!
Marcel...thrilled to get any piece of candy, but would shout really loud when he got gum..."MOMMY....I GOT GUM!!!!!!"
 Our friend, Mandy, with her dog, Josie, all decked out in Loveland gear...
 And Ryan...after the parade...not the best pic...but he sat on the wrong side of the 7th grade float! for some Friday night football to complete the homecoming week!

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