Friday, August 20, 2010

The Shopping Trip...

Rewind for the last several years...and all Ryan wanted to wear was sweatpants and some type of sports shirt...Nike, UnderArmour...or something similar...

Fast forward to this summer.  My nieces, Madeleine and Elizabeth, offered to take Ryan shopping for fall clothes.  Saturday night, Ryan was adamant that he wanted to go shopping with the girls on Sunday.  "I need jeans, Mom.  And, I need shoes too."  After the teenage wake up on Sunday (about 10:30 am), he was very upset that it was too late and they wouldn't want to go.   I needed to call Madeleine (Ryan couldn't call her, but he NEEDED to go.)   I called Madeleine and she didn't answer so I texted.  I had woken her up too :)!!  Thankfully, the girls really wanted to go with Ryan.

Off they went to the mall, with a budget and some guidelines.  Must purchase at least two pairs of jeans, if he buys shoes (because he really didn't need any), he can't spend anymore than $40 and if he buys underwear and socks he can have extra money.   And they were gone... Mind you, Madeleine is a thrifty shopper (much better than me) so I knew he wouldn't blow all his money on one thing.

About 4:15, Madeleine called.  "We just finished at H&M and now we're going to Macy's to get underwear and socks.  And by the way, Auntie Lynn, don't you think when we come to Olivia's party, Ryan needs to wear one of his outfits?"  Of course he does!  It was my niece Olivia's birthday, so our entire family was together.  What a great sport Ryan was...his face was bright red and we made him try on all four shirts plus the jeans and part is he returned quite a bit of the money. (Thanks Madeleine!)

Where did that boy with the sports t-shirts and sweatshirts go?  He's been replaced by a handsome young man that actually cares about his clothes and all of his shirts are acceptable for church...

Did you know rolled out jeans are the style?  According to the girls and Ryan...
The shopping the look on Ryan's face...
The shopper...
It makes me so happy that the girls and Ryan enjoy spending time with each other.  How lucky we are to have our children grow up so close to several of their cousins.

Now...onto a quick, fun card!  I used some fun LillyBee Designs chipboard and paper for this card.  Inspired by the bright, cheery colors in the WPlus9 Color Cue Challenge.

Ingredients:  SU Real Red Ink, Paper & Ribbon, Very Vanilla Paper; Lilly Bee Designs Chipboard and Paper; Hero Arts Stamps

PS Anyone else having problems with their pictures looking blurry in Blogger?


  1. LOL...oh, Lynn, I had to laugh because my son only wanted to wear black sweats from Kindergarten to grade 5, then it was Adidas warm up pants until university. Two years ago he FINALLY started wearing jeans (maybe to impress the university girls? lol) and I was lucky to be there when he went are weird at times. I love the smile on your son's face :) oh, and bright, cheery fun :)

  2. Love the story, love the look on his face, LOVE those boots, and LOVE the card!

    Thanks for playing along at Wplus9!

  3. Lynn, I have to tell you - I just made Matt read the "Nother Brother" entry awhile back with that photo of Marcel in his work goggles. He CRACKED up! So cute!

  4. {OMG! Your boy is SO cute! - What fun pix!} AND speaking of fun! HOW FUN WAS THIS PALETTE TO WORK WITH! You sure made it look stunning! Another fabulous creation, sweet Lynn! You are WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing, yet again! I love it when you dazzle the Color CUE! Yipeeeee!

  5. Such a fun story! Thanks for sharing! Mine will be there WAY BEFORE I want him to be :(. Love the bright red weaved into your design! Gorgeous!