Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School...

Thought I'd stop in and share a few photos from the first day of school.  First up is my favorite picture of the morning...Collin waiting patiently for the always runs late on the first day of school.

The morning started off with Ryan catching the bus at 7:15...making sure that we got photos before any of his friends showed up at the bus stop.  "Come on mom, take pictures now."  He knows the drill :)  Pat had to make himself look a little taller by standing on the top step.
Next up was Jonathon.  Organized and ready to go for the first day of fourth grade!

With his best friend and our God child, Emma.  Have to love her pigtails!

Last but not least Collin was ready to get on the excited to bring a lunch box to school this year!
This little guy was exhausted after tired that he fell asleep on the bus on the way home!  Great first day for everyone...and back to a bit more of a routine for mom and dad!


Sue Lelli said...

LOVE the pics! Your family is so BEAUTIFUL! My only son is in his second year of college so no pics I'm afraid! Now that he's gone, I am heading to the beach for a week by myself before my husband comes for the Labor Day wekend. Want to fly down???!!!

Aimes said...

Fab pics, Lynn! I guess it really is back to school time for you over there...I'm still clinging onto my last few days of freedom LOL!

Diane Jaquay said...

These pictures are so wonderful Lynn (love the one where your son and GD are "posing")! I can so relate to the teenager who doesn't want to be seen posing for a photo, I've got one of those ;) And my daughter will be starting 4th grade on Monday. I love that she's still excited about school, unlike my son who would rather stay home and play computer and video games ;)

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Wonderful pictures of first day back to school. I am always so ready for school to end for the summer but first day back is good too. I like to be in the school routine, it just seems so much more productive. Love the pic of Dad trying to be taller, my 11 year old has passed me up and the six year old is close behind!