Friday, July 16, 2010

Little League All Star

This week has been, baseball and more baseball.  The tournament started on Monday (we lost), we played again Wednesday (won) and we played last night (won) on we go tonight!  Ryan has had so much fun playing...batting, pitching, catching great, but most of all, I'm so proud of the email we received from one of the dad's on the team below:

Just a quick note on what a GREAT leader I think Ryan is. He is ALWAYS upbeat with a smile on his face! I know he really helped T keep his composure when he may have lost it in the past. There are some kids on the team, T included, that get down when things don't go their way but I truly think Ryan's attitude helps everyone stay positive which helps them in the field and at bat!  You and Lynn have done a GREAT job....but now I may send T to live with you for a year!  Thanks again,

I keep reading this email and am beaming with pride!

Here are some pictures of Ryan from the tournament.

Behind the plate

Conference with Trevor on the Mound
At the plate
On the mound 


kbecker2 said...

You should be proud! He is a great kid!

Emily Leiphart said...

Lynn, isn't it the best when other parents see those wonderful qualities in your child? You should be so proud! Thanks for sharing those wonderful stills of Ryan. I hope his team continues to do well!

Ida said...

How wonderful to receive such a positive affirmation that you are raising your children right!