Thursday, April 1, 2010

Traumatized I think we've managed to traumatize our children about the Easter bunny.  Pat and I hit Wal-mart Monday night for Easter baskets and then went out to dinner.  When we got home, we forgot to unload the Easter basket goodies. forward to Tuesday morning.  "Everyone get in the van.  We're going to the park."  I go into the garage.  Collin has a huge smile, "Who are the kites for?  Oooohhh...I see Reese's cups and Star Wars coloring books....Mommy, who got these for us?  Did the bunny come?"

Needless to say, Pat and I had to quickly take everything into the house and everyone had lots of questions on Tuesday.  Here's hoping Marcel, Collin and Jonathon have short term memory loss before Sunday :)

This face describes the grade we deserve as the Easter Bunny this year!  We have some explaining to do :(!

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Sue Lelli said...

This story is just TOO funny!