Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Conversations and All Boy Pics (lots of photos!)

Random conversations...

"Mommy, you are the best kisser ever and so am I."  I love this little man's sweet little kisses. 

Last night at dinner after picking up Ryan and Jonathon from religion.  "Ryan, you look hot.  Were you outside before religion class?"
"Mom, I'm always hot."
" that what you tell the ladies."
"I don't have to tell the ladies...they know."  Insert eyebrow raise and grin from Ryan...
...oh my to have that type of confidence at almost thirteen.  And being the unbiased mom that I am...I think he is pretty darn cute.

Monday night after playing outside, Jonathon says, "Mom, I need deodorant." 
"Okay, I'll get you some next time I go to the store." 
"No mom, now.  Come here."  Visualize him lifting up his arms...and for some reason me walking over to take a smell.
"Yes honey, you do need it now.  Go take a shower!"
Why on earth did I need to take a whiff?!

Have I mentioned how much I am loving Maggie Holmes photography class?  Here are a few of the pictures I took over the last week trying to figure out all the settings!

Sweet Marcel (leaning against Jonathon):
My beautiful nephew Jake:

Another adorable nephew, James:

And my cutey pie next door neighbor...Michael.

Happy Wednesday!

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Selene Kempton said...

Awesome photography! These are going to make great pages!