Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Neal

It's my oldest brother, Neal's, 46th birthday today! 

I adore both my brothers...but there are a few unique things about Neal...
  • He's the only one of very few people that gets away with calling me Lynnie.
  • My boys affectionately call him the tickle monster...just about everytime we are together I snap shots of him with one of my boys on his lap or being tickled.
  • He's a big kid at heart...still playing indoor soccer...which I'm sure he'll return to after he recovers from his knee surgery last week.
  • He is extremely caring and compassionate.  There is never a holiday where he and Cindy don't invite others without family nearby over to celebrate with our family.  And in all honesty, his compassion is not limited to holidays for friends...he is often quietly helping others.
  • He loves to tease me about my blog...we'll see if he reads it today :).
Happy birthday big brother!  His card is inspired from Keesh's challenge this week.


  1. This is such a cool man-card! hee! Love it to bits.

  2. Great man-card! I LOVE that background paper!!! really really nice...

  3. I LOVE this. Love the stamp, the background....everything really.

  4. This is great Lynn - very manly. Great job with this sketch.

  5. Very nice indeed! I love your creation.

  6. I love that background paper and buttons! Such a great man's card.

  7. Sounds like you have been blessed with a wonderful brother Lynn! Love your creation and those buttons look perfect! Thanks so much for playing. Love Keesh x