Sunday, March 28, 2010

We're about...

practice around our house these days...lots of baseball practice, photography practice (my shot above is my assignment for Maggie Holmes class) and running practice for me too.

I'm off to run the Cincinnati Mini Marathon this morning.  My longest run yet of 9.3 miles in training for my first half marathon on May 2nd.  Running in honor of Jake, Ryan's classmate who is battling neuroblastoma cancer.  My goal to finish!  How about that!  I think I'll be able to run most of it, but it is a very hilly run, so I'll do my best!  Edited to say:  it is pouring it's going to be an interesting run....

Have a wonderful Sunday!  And keep on practicing, practicing, practicing!


  1. Hope your Run went well.
    Nice photo above...I like how you highlight the word "Practice" on the ball.

  2. I love the photo! What class r u taking?

  3. Hi Lynn -
    I've been meaning to comment on your blog lately, but I can't leave one during the day, and somehow, the evenings more often than not, get away from me. I read a few posts back that you were taking Maggie's class - how are you liking it? I took her January beginner class and LOVED it. I'm signed up for the advanced class this May.

    Your pic looks great too. :) Looks like you are well on your way to shooting in manual!