Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Sunday

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I was so happy that the Saints won the SuperBowl...I wanted the underdog to win! 

We had a fabulous day yesterday.  We started the day with Emma's, our God child's, First Communion.  I made this card for her for her big day.

She looked absolutely beautiful.  As Emma was walking down the aisle in church, I said to Marcel, "Did you see Emma?"  His response, "That's not Emma.  That's a girl."  Emma is surrounded by all boys...her three older brothers and my four boys. She is a tom boy...but she is always one beautiful tom boy!  Here she is surrounded by all the boys!  Definitely the rose! I'm sure Marcel will have a different opinion when he's older!!
Pat, Emma and I

After Emma's party, we got back together for the Super Bowl at our house...a few fun photos from the night!  Does take much to entertain the kids...trying to get Nerf gun darts into Rob's beer!

Dancing to The Who at halftime....

And out come the Halloween costumes...Collin and Emma

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Jen Timko said...

Congratulations to Emma on her First Communion! What a lovely card to commemorate the event!