Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Conversations Around the House

Conversations around the house...

Marcel in love with the word actually.  I took him shopping on Monday with Nana and PopPop's Christmas money.  He would walk down the aisles of Target..."Oh! Oh! Oh!  Star Wars Guns!"  "Would you like that Marcel?"  "Accccctually, no."  And we've move onto the next aisle.  "Oh! Oh! Oh!  Hot Wheels Beat That!" "Would you like that Marcel?"  "Acccctually, no." This went on for about ten different things.  He had me laughing about how we could go from pure excitement to a quiet drawn out...."Acccctually, no."  We left Target with a fire engine, a Cars puzzle and motorcycle. All boy...

"I have babies in my head."  Pat, "Huh?"  "Daddy, you know when I get married!  I have four babies in my head...just like our family."  Get it now daddy?

My little man Jonathon desperately wants to win the "Top Banana" award his class.  Last month, "Mom, I didn't win this month, but when Mrs. Geiger was talking it really sounded like me.  I'm going to keep working."  Monday morning, "Mom, the Top Banana is going to be announced today.  I've had such good manners and been working really hard.  Mrs. Geiger has been complimenting me a lot."  "Jonathon, remember we're proud of how hard your working and being so polite."  After school, "How was your day?"  "Good."  Later..."What's up with Top Banana?"  "I didn't get it...I'll keep working hard mom."  No emotional little man is growing up...

His team did not do well in his basketball game on Sunday. He comes off the court and he is frustrated. Not because his team lost, but because of the lack of teamwork and commitment of his team. Ryan plays in a recreational baseball league. Going into the third quarter, the other team was only up by two points. At the end of the quarter, Ryan's team hadn't scored any more baskets and the other team scored about 17 points. There are ten players so each quarter 5 of the boys play. Ryan was coming in for the fourth quarter. Apparently, a few of the other boys who also sat out the third quarter with Ryan said to the boys coming to the bench, "Thanks for losing the game for us." Ryan was furious. "Mom, I know not to have bad body language. We're a team, we win and we lose together. You have to always try your best." I responded, "Ryan I agree, where did you learn that?" "I learned that from three months with dad on the baseball field. Even when I was throwing all balls he told me I had to have a good attitude. Good attitudes set the leadership for the team. I told them not to yell at the guys coming off the court." Sometimes they actually do listen...I'm one proud mama.

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  1. That's funny - Luke says "actually" all the time too!