Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Singing Lessons

Last night, I could hear Collin and Marcel talking outside their room. I had to call Pat to come listen. Some serious singing lessons were happening. Collin was trying to sing "Go Tell It On the Mountain..." This happens to be the song Marcel's pre-school class sang at their Christmas concert. Each time Collin would miss the tune or words...Marcel would say, "That is so is how it goes Collin..." Collin wanted to please Marcel desperately. Each time he would sing, he would stop and say, "Was that better Marcel?" This conversation went back and forth for about ten minutes! Marcel is quite the critic...but I have to say he does know how to listen for the right notes, words and tune!

I decided to go in and see if I could get them to sing on video. They were definitely game...You'll hear Marcel saying to Collin, "That is really wrong...." They then quickly had to get on the same bed and sing it together!

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