Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boy Meets Scissors

My day at work started yesterday with an 8:30 am call from Pat.  Very rarely does Pat call me first thing in the morning...so I knew something was up. Conversation starts, "Did you know Collin cut his hair last night?"  "Uh...no..." 

So...we think we've pieced it together.  Sunday morning, Pat gave all four boys a haircut.  Collin's nickname from his PopPop (and we agree!) is gentle devil.  He's very quietly curious about everything.  When I put Collin and Marcel to bed last night they weren't listening at all.  Collin was very distraught when I told him he needed to stay quiet for ten minutes in his room and then I would come up and read a few books.  When I came back up after about ten minutes (and Collin yelling downstairs about ten times, "Mommy, are you coming? :)!", Marcel was sound asleep. This really upset Collin as he wanted Marcel to hear the books too.  I read Collin his books and tucked him in.  The whole time I was reading the books, Collin really wanted to wake Marcel up.  I asked him not to wake up Marcel.  About 15 minutes later after I tucked Collin in, I hear, "Mommy, Marcel's awake, can you read him a book?"  I came up stairs...Marcel was crying because he really wanted to be asleep and Collin was so excited.  Needless to say, I told Collin he needed to go to bed....didn't hear anything after this.  I should have known better....Collin never goes to bed this easily...and generally when it is quiet and Collin is around there is trouble...

....Fast forward to Pat waking up Collin this morning with a nice new haircut!  I can only assume Collin wanted to see if he could cut his hair like Daddy does and snuck into our room to get the scissors!  When we ask Collin, he just smiles and says, "I don't want to talk about it." End of story...

A nice big chunk of hair out of the front of his haircut!

Can you see the remorse on his face?  (do you like the Kool Aid mustache too?)

Time for daddy to make it high and tight...a three on the clippers and there is still a nice dent in the front!

Striking a few poses...post corrective haircut!

Even with a buzz cut...he's still adorable!  And he gave us lots of good laughs today!

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mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Such a sweet story and such an adorable boy. This will make a good scrapbook page and a lot of chuckles for years to come. My now six year old cut her hair when she was 3, she had hair nearly to her waist and she only cut one side but she cut it to the scalp. It took 2 years for it to grow past her ears again. We get the pictures out ocassionally just as a reminder. Thanks for sharing your sweet boys.