Friday, December 11, 2009

Conversations Around the House

As always, there have been some pretty funny conversations going on around our house.


...He is convinced that his daddy can fly.  We put up the Christmas lights during the day on our big pine tree in the front yard.  Collin was so disappointed that he wasn't home when the lights went up, "I really wanted to see my daddy fly."
...We went to Dewey's Pizza a couple of weeks ago.  When we were almost out the door of the restaurant, Collin realized he didn't bring his red cream soda with him, so I went back and got his drink before the waiter cleared our table.  When I came back, he was very disturbed that the cup wasn't completely full (it was about 3/4 full).  He was begging me to have it filled (note:  by this time we are almost to the car).  He was crying, but asking very nicely through his tears..."Mommy, may you please get my drink filled?"  I kept saying no that he had enough (note:  9 times out of 10, he takes about one more sip out of his drink.)  Then I hear, "But mommy, I was asking so nicely, I didn't even say damn."  It took everything in me not to crack up laughing...Ryan heard it too and was rolling laughing...wonder where he learned that word?!


....has an imaginary dog named Floyd.  To his credit, our next door neighbors have two puppies...Grizzly and Floyd.  There are lots of conversation about what Floyd has been up to.  "He misses me beary much when I go to school."  "He's laying right next to me daddy...don't you know it's night night time."  Floyd has had a ton of adventures!  His older brothers haven't had imaginary friends, so we are enjoying Marcel's imagination.


....I've been trying to ask Jonathon what he wants to put on his list for Christmas.  He mades lots of lists for his birthday last month but is not interested in writing a letter to Santa.  "I talk to him all the time in my bed at night mom.  He hears what I there are about 50 things I want so I can't really make a list."  Me, "Jonathon are you sure you don't want to tell me a few things?"  "No, mom, he knows."  Okay...I give up!


....I love taking the boys out one on one.  Wednesday night was my night to pick Ryan up from basketball practice and we went out to dinner.  I heard about who likes who and his one friend who is "a chick magnet.  You know mom, because he's so tall."  His friend is about 5' 8" in the sixth grade!  I asked, "so what does he think?" "He's like me mom, not real interested in girls."  Then he finishes, " telling you about that...can't give you too much information."
....Then we moved on to what clothes he needs...  "Mom, really dark jeans, don't want them faded at all.  And the stitching can't be too gold."  I'll get right on that! :)
.....We also did a teacher review!  He has four teachers this year....he said, "I'll tell you what's good and bad about each one."  Pretty fun...he had a pretty balanced perspective!
....Then we talked about Tiger Woods, "Mom, it is just so wrong."  Enough said!  Remember that young man!

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